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  1. 5 geodudes using rocksmash? i'm going to mars, i can't stand living in the same planet as the person who thought it was an ok idea
  2.   don't worry, it's too much work for them. Anyway, can't you just use alts if you're out of soil? 
  3. I don't even know what i'm doing but i easily made it to over 1400  Notice me londar senpai   http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/randombattle-351442261
  4. scamming is a key part of every important mmo and, more importantly, one of our main endgame activities. it's been stated several times that staff encourages scamming, so i don't see this thread going anywhere. I'm sorry, but i'm not gonna support this. cheers
  5.   He's still trying to understand what happened
  6.   how about wheelchairs and rollerblades
  7. I'd do another check with those everstones. My average for a single everstone was 5 minutes for examples.   Also Dragonite and gengar , to my experience, were the best pokes one could use. Starmies moves have tremendously long animations (special moves have longer animations in general), so i wouldn't bother using that.   My movesets were:   Persian: Water pulse (1hkos most steelix with bashful nature), return, slash, payday. Gengar: Shadowball (1hkos most steelix with timid nature), sludge bomb, thunderbolt, pain split. Dragonite: Surf, dragon claw, flamethrower, strength.   I suggest Brave for persian/dragonite and Modest for gengar. and ofc using 2 computers at the same time is a must if one has the ways
  8. what about long hair for males? they got removed, right?
  9.   lmao you gave away your shiny pika for a regular one, such a scrub
  10. another pokemon game i won't play londar lend me some money
  11.   how did a guy named mctrolling get so high in the ladder?
  12.   as in any mmo it's all stored on a server. so yes
  13.   dude, i can get you some if you need it that bad. for free. I'm just listening to some music, so i don't mind
  14. always remember this golden rule: if it was a good way to invest your cash then it would have never been implemented in the first place
  15.   come home play with your mother
  16.   My minecraft server is always available for this kind of situations
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