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  1. that is exactly why i quit the game, thanks for bringing that up for me
  2. and this is why updates take so long i wouldn't want to have to deal with any of these threads either
  3. Vaeldras

    Discord Server

    fred i broke my computer edit: fixd!
  4. tepig, especially if you're nuzlocking. you'll still have to pick a sack against the second gym leader though, unless you're lucky enough to find a roggenrola
  5. i keep getting these extremely pleasant matchups like 2 games out of 3 you know you really had it bad when doublade is your scrafty ddance scrafty counter http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-658447239 edit: this on the other hand was glorious http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-658456688
  6. that rachi team was pure evil though
  7. Vaeldras


    sul forum si, ma col gioco ho chiuso per sempre. in compenso gioco su showdown quando mi gira
  8. Vaeldras


    pagatemi il biglietto per non andarci
  9. is it just me or matchups in randbats got absurd since sumo came out? the difference for me was blatant since the very beginning this is just a moderate example (tornadus could easily swept me if i didn't have koko), but i had countless battles where the game was pretty much won at turn 1 http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-657432213 aegislash saving the day http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-657451021
  10. Vaeldras


    ma come ce pensi?
  11. i remember some extremely artistic evenings spent with my laptop on my desk managing two accounts at the same time while dealing with an overwhelming sense of mental poopation the rest i successfully removed from my brain also the golden age of shitposting, that was pretty intense too
  12. Vaeldras


    in game? not a chance sorry
  13. i think my time here is done



    1. KaynineXL


      Is he being serious?

    2. Champlooo


      RIP Vaeldras whatever year he started - the current year

      He died too young

    3. londark
  14. someone post the brokeback mountain cover with grey and kaynine in
  15. look at the stuff you can find browsing through my hard disk
  16. Vaeldras


    That would make for an awesome new pic of me to use on other forums
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