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  1. Friends which will refuse to play with you,i know that feel. You have my spiritual support.
  2. * I didn't notice there already was a nicknames topic in the forum,my bad  :P   Like i said,i won't rename my pokemon until i find a name that makes me laugh my a** off.   I still can't find any possible name for umbreon,jolteon and espeon (or any other eevolution). Any advice? only funny ones.
  3. You did it all wrong! We all know the perfect team is:   1 Togetic 2 Togetic 3 Togetic 4 Togetic 5 Togetic 6 Togetic   (Great advices though)
  4. Not at all,you'd better learn those things immediately,or you'll have to rework on your evs later in the game. Trust me,learn what natures,iv's and ev's are,you might end up with a weak team when it's too late.   *Sorry for the double post
  5. I would really like to be able to explain you what iv's and ev's are,but i'm afraid my english isn't good enough to do so. You probably know it already,but you can find anything you need by typing bulbapedia on google. It's quite simple,considering i managed to understand those things myself.
  6. Vaeldras

    Hi there!

    I finally decided to join this forum,mainly because i really want to meet some italian players (such as me). I don't really like to talk about myself,i only wish to start playing the game like it is meant to. With someone (since none of my friends are interested in videogames).
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