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  1. I don't know...check my nuzlocke maybe?

  2.   Mine is "heavymetal". She's heavy and made of metal  :lol:
  3. TheWalkingPoop ForgotToFlush Istink (an apple logo would make it decent) TopOfThePoop MinimizeLOL NoSludgebombRly ecc.   Muk is an easy one,you have a poopload of choices
  4. As already stated.this would save us a lot of time,and should imo be implemented
  5. This would increase even more the number of people using 4 walls on a team.
  6. I got used to my haircut,actually,i kinda like it
  7. Decent long hair for guys,i don't like the way my haircut has been raped, I also suggest to add a couple of jackets,hats are already enough.
  8. What about the one i asked? Ages have passed  :unsure:
  9. Hell! i should have taken a screenshot when a guy told me that i'm using too many walls and that goes against the "wall clause" (by the way,my team is: jolteon,tyranitar,heracross,steelix,exeggutor and starmie). Too bad :(
  10. A blaziken finishing off a blissey that is asking for mercy. Random details like flowers,birds,the sun and random shit would be appreciated.
  11. My pokemmo team is:   Jolteon - youwashock Heracross - Kanchooo!!! Exeggutor - EggScuseMe? Steelix - HeavyMetal Starmie - HiWayStar Tyranitar - Havel The Rock
  12.   10/10 Glorious,a fine piece of art.
  13. * I didn't notice there already was a nicknames topic in the forum,my bad  :P   Like i said,i won't rename my pokemon until i find a name that makes me laugh my a** off.   I still can't find any possible name for umbreon,jolteon and espeon (or any other eevolution). Any advice? only funny ones.
  14. You did it all wrong! We all know the perfect team is:   1 Togetic 2 Togetic 3 Togetic 4 Togetic 5 Togetic 6 Togetic   (Great advices though)
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