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  1. sharing something that should have remained buried forever. the worst the house has to offer.

    i also have a happy hour variant with lele but 1z rachi sucks 2 setting up increases brain requirements and 3 this one has broken ninja to up the flinch per turn ratio.

    also fuck formatting



  2. On 9/11/2019 at 9:49 PM, londark said:

    Yeah, used PSpice, and Simetrix is quite similar actually. My problem was that the ideal DC transformer doesn't have a Primary Inductance value, that I need to define some target values for the converter. I added an inductor to simulate the primary inductance and apparently it didn't work out, but I had just to change some settings on the simulation details. 


    Anyway, I'm in Udine if you ever get back here. Trieste isn't far away as well 

    get back on steam so we can play dead by daylight and rust


  3. i hate the way mods delete posts without any notice. mods deleting posts in general tbh.
    i tell you what, if that ever happens again i'm gonna pm each one of you until i get a name and i'm not even kidding.

    reddit is another thing i've grown to hate. if you post on reddit you need to unplug your keyboard for a good 5 hours every now and then or else we're not gonna be friends.

    also here's the epitome of what is gonna make me punch stuff while screaming in agony on a monthly basis




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