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  1. Vaeldras

    Dark Theme

    the blue up there is dark enough imo
  2. Vaeldras

    I have once again bred a 6x0.

    wish i could have this much fun in my life too
  3. Vaeldras

    Rip my OT shiny

  4. Vaeldras

    I'm happy to have found this game and here's why

    there's much you can lose in this game, trust me
  5. Vaeldras

    Things you hate, what really ruffles your feathers?

    i hate the way mods delete posts without any notice. mods deleting posts in general tbh. i tell you what, if that ever happens again i'm gonna pm each one of you until i get a name and i'm not even kidding. reddit is another thing i've grown to hate. if you post on reddit you need to unplug your keyboard for a good 5 hours every now and then or else we're not gonna be friends. also here's the epitome of what is gonna make me punch stuff while screaming in agony on a monthly basis
  6. Vaeldras

    Does anyone else JUST use YouTube?

    you can't just be using youtube when you're born with a d stop fooling yourself
  7. Vaeldras

    The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    some good old salt https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-792075463
  8. Vaeldras

    The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    one important lesson i learned in the last 24 hours is flinches don't scare anyone these days https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-791460991
  9. Vaeldras

    The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-790962216 low key bullying with jirachi
  10. Vaeldras

    Your favorite pokemon?

  11. i have some bad news for you
  12. Vaeldras

    Insomnia 63 (UK Meetup)

  13. Vaeldras

    [MOD] JoshMMO (featuring JoshLindsay)

    yall need jesus
  14. Vaeldras

    best hax

    is this fortnite
  15. Vaeldras

    The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    when you try so hard to come up with something to keep hawlucha in check without using pink mons + break stall + good matchup vs rain and offense so you end up using prankster tornadus and banded hoopa + quadruple volt/switch https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-728086565 https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-728096773

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