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  1. Vaeldras

    best hax

    is this fortnite
  2. Vaeldras

    The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    when you try so hard to come up with something to keep hawlucha in check without using pink mons + break stall + good matchup vs rain and offense so you end up using prankster tornadus and banded hoopa + quadruple volt/switch https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-728086565 https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-728096773
  3. Vaeldras

    A Player you will never forget.

    damn i had some pretty bad moments with a player i only met once in game that had me reconsidering my sexuality for one good year then we met irl and he's now locked in my basement my best friend this game is awesome guys
  4. Vaeldras

    Manga General Thread

  5. Vaeldras

    Manga General Thread

    everytime a chapter ended with to be continued serialization was interrupted. everytime. nothing confirmed, could release a surprise chapter by the end of the month. at least it doesn't say anything about this winter :)
  6. Vaeldras

    Manga General Thread

    basically confirmed hiatus
  7. Vaeldras

    Mayor Appreciation Thread

    ngl the mayor would make for a fine addition to my minecraft server congratulations!
  8. Vaeldras

    Manga General Thread

    new panel from 355 with the translated text down in the comments also the korean scans will be soon available edit: OHMYGOD here they are http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/JUS7tjDiK5k
  9. it seems you're ready for the big step add me on steam so we can talk shit about the game and jerk each other off play minecraft
  10. Vaeldras

    PokeMMO Community Survey Results

    i somehow get the impression that most of us are just here to be caustic and/or funny for the sake of it. i know i am, i had some fun reading this. of course no real hostility on my part.
  11. Vaeldras

    PokeMMO Community Survey Results

    ok, that's it. you're not allowed to send me a friend request on steam anymore, nor to join my minecraft server. i never thought i'd ever say this much in my life but you crossed the line one too many times now.
  12. Vaeldras

    PokeMMO Community Survey Results

    whats the point if no one is clicking those links
  13. Vaeldras

    Music General Thread

    forgive me

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