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  1. I like the idea and I have accidently leveled some lvl 50 to 51 and would like to fix them, but If I'm not wrong they rejected this idea back when the trainer tower was introduced for reasons I don't remember.
  2. Hey hey hey wait PRIORITIES!!! am hype now
  3. SamuraiHunter


    I used to be a Sam...welcome
  4. i dont think the devs are willing to add 2 or 3 moves just for the sake of one typing. just gonna have to wait for all of gen 4 moves to be released and who knows when that will happen.
  5. kaynine you may want to change #4 in general concepts that Baton pass works in tournament mode and doesn't need staff to activate it
  6. Welcome new guy hope you enjoy the game....this MMO is a bit different from PRO and I find this game to have a lot of very convenient features that PRO does not(well I haven't played it in 6 months). Just as a tip join a team and have fun because channel chats can be cancerous and not really helpfull
  7. Because not an official tier and somewhat a gimmick but it's more for add the tier and if enough people play maybe add ranked later
  8. Make an Ubers mode in matchmaking. dont give it a Ranked option(similar to current doubles). reasons? -people have ubers and dont all play Doubles let them play too. -a space to test for bans or unbans while having tournament mode
  9. JJ all spoilers are broken on main page
  10. can i have my sig rotator back? just lost it today and am sad
  11. Focus band is ingame. you don't like those odds?
  12. Um they just changed it to channel based and the devs don't really like to go back on changes so probably not going to happen
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