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  1. How did you do with the accent? I can't make it appear in the game
  2. Thanks everyone ;-) I feel so good here
  3. Hehe sorry, just wanted to comment something :P   By the way I'm having a problem with spanish characters but I looked at other languajes and those characters weren't a problem... I'm not sure if I can talk about that here or if goes in other thread.. The xml headers were exactly the same
  4. I think the battle moves are on the rom so you can't fully translate everything unless you translate the rom
  5. The picture was within the requirements?
  6. Hi people, I'm RadianX. And it's the first time that I Join to a forum to acctualy participate hehe, I really don't know what to say.. My mother language is Spanish so I apologise for any grammatical mistake that i can have in the future (? I Joined because I wanted to do a translation to spanish for the client, I already checked and find that there existed one spanish, but it wasn't latinamerican spanish (and the links for it weren't anywere because the creator of the post put a rom in the link). So I guess my first contribution will be that. Thanks for readin'. Have a nice day :)
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