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  1. zorNified is fair

    1. ZorNiFieD


      aurum is bae

  2. I recognize a troll when I see one
  3. ZorNiFieD


    yo give me yer money they'll be very safe on my account
  4. Pretty sure you can get Snowman Hood and Costume from both presents. Best regards
  5. Glad to hear this game has helped you in tough times. Best of luck to you and that your life will be better eventually!
  6. So hey, we just gonna ignore the fact we missed out on the UU community combat due to this silly event?! Ridiculous!
  7. inb4 this update contains a bunch of minor bug fixes to troll y'all <333
  8. Yes! I'm so looking forward to recieve even more Lava Cookies from my goodie bags this year!!!1!1
  9. Yes, it's possible. You have to breed Scraggy/Scrafty with Head Smash with a Nidoran. And then hope that the outcome will be a Nidoran ♂ with Head Smash that you can breed with your female Aron, Lairon or Aggron.
  10. Bring back goodie bags so I can stack up more of those lovely Lava Cookies pls!!!!
  11. This fire meme deserves a dab emoji
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