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  1. Happy belated birthday my fellow team mate! 34 please! //ZorNiFieD
  2. Agreed, I find it quite pointless trying to make deals in TC nowadays. Prices are basically the same, or at least won't be lower, than the listings on the GTL. And the other thing is that it's just too annoying making deals in another language that you don't speak. I remember all the excitement when you made a good deal back in the day before GTL existed o man i miss the old school TC shiny trading
  3. Welcome back, enjoy your stay!
  4. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Shiny Smeargle is ded, And for that devs shall compensate you rip
  5. I recognize a troll when I see one
  6. ZorNiFieD


    yo give me yer money they'll be very safe on my account
  7. Pretty sure you can get Snowman Hood and Costume from both presents. Best regards
  8. Glad to hear this game has helped you in tough times. Best of luck to you and that your life will be better eventually!
  9. ZorNiFieD

    Thank You

    Hope your surgery goes well and that'll you have a quick recovery. Good luck and best of wishes to you!
  10. So hey, we just gonna ignore the fact we missed out on the UU community combat due to this silly event?! Ridiculous!
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