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  1. In the PokeMMO Official Tier List and Usage Statistics (6th February - 7th March) thread, Sharpedo is listed in the Under-Used Official Tier List but is under the Usage Statistics for the Never-Used Tier. 


    Can someone please clarify which tier Sharpedo is in for an inexperienced player? Thanks!


    Sharpedo in UU Tier List:  e13ae424a09c9d429d852a254100bfde.png




    Sharpedo in NU Usage: 793e198e8c66b163009dd1aa1bfbc401.png

  2. 7 hours ago, TJXD said:

    I love the Lord of the Rings series but Shadow of Mordor was fucking atrocious in its story telling, it had nice mechanics but the game play was very repetitive and the story basically led nowhere half the time, super tedious , bad voice acting and script. Hopefully this is better

    I actually didn't mind the story much but I can see what you're saying, and I especially agree with you in terms of the repetitive gameplay as that was one of the main reasons I stopped playing. 


    I didn't see a Middle-earth / Lord of the Rings thread open and new Shadow of War gameplay is out so I thought it'd be cool to see if anyone else was hyped. I really liked the Middle-Earth books and movies (even The Hobbit ones!) so I think it's cool to see some new content from that universe. I only played like half of Shadow of Mordor, but I may just have to buy Shadow of War to see if it's as cool as it looks. 


    Personally, my favorite character was always Legolas but I mean who isn't a sucker for seeing Aragorn being a boss. 



  4. On 2/8/2017 at 9:47 PM, RacheLucario said:


    • All artwork must be 100% original. Tracing or manipulating existing images is not allowed.
    • Only one entry per user. If you wish to replace your entry, please do so by editing your post.
    • All entries must be submitted on time and in this thread.
    • Your post must contain your in-game name.
    • Entries must be in an image format such as .jpg, .png, or .gif. Video formats will not be accepted for animated entries.
    • The Pokemon you draw must be partially or fully of the electric type. Arceus and Silvally are considered to be normal types, so are not eligible.

    Are we allowed to draw things with inspiration from something such as pop culture or is this considered not "100% original"? 

  5. any other big brother fans out here? it's an addicting show and i'd like to discuss


    also spoiler alert because it's literally a show about people getting evicted from a house and the last person in the house wins,

    and 5 people have already been eliminated so...


    if you watch you can reply with who you think will win and why or who you want to win and why.


    there is a forum over this, my bad!!

  6. Hi everyone! I'm Max, my IGN is Pastels and I've had a PokeMMO account since 9-15-13, but I've been relatively inactive for most of that time. 


    Recently, I've decided to try and get active again due to my interest in Pokemon coming back! In order to get back into the swing of things I've been looking for a group who will support my inept community intelligence and help teach me how things roll in PokeMMO nowadays. 


    I have a general understanding of competitive battling and own some (garbage) trained competitive Pokemon. With my return I plan on leaning towards the NU and UU tiers as they just seem the most fun to me, hopefully I'll get back into battling quickly.


    In terms of things about me...


    From: Texas, USA 

    Favorite Pokemon: Whismur

    Favorite Generation: III (3) 

    Hours Played: 577

    Favorite Movie: Gone Girl

    Favorite Color(s): Purple / Pink





    Thanks for reading!

  7. I started in October (I think) of last year, and began playing casually because am in love with customizing things and hearing that I could customize a Pokemon Character I came quick. I found out that it was just a regular Firered/Leafgreen playthrough so I beat it, but then I found a shiny Geodude in the Pokemon League. I kept it for a while because someone advised so but it was just so ugly and I only use attractive/cute Pokemon. Eventually I sold it for a Lucky Egg and some money because I wanted to buy clothing to customize my character more. Of course after I bought some clothes I wanted more, so I sold my new Lucky Egg too after I raised some Pokemon. I joined and left a few groups, made a few competitives, lost every tournament I've ever entered, and now I'm here. I went inactive for like 4 months though. But now I'm back in action searching for more money to waste as my only goal is to buy more clothes.

  8. Pokemon: Whismur and Wigglytuff

    Colours: Pink (Spotlight/Runway Lights down the sides) Dark Black (Around the stage part to make the Stage really pop.)

    Background: Modeling Runway

    Text Animation: Yes, please.

    Text: Pastelo (ØBEY)

    Anything else: For specifics: I want the Wigglytuff and Whismur next to each other and I want them to be at the very end of the Runway in the spotlight. Thank you for dealing with my high maintenance. I will be paying 15k as opposed to 10k for my ridiculous offer. (If allowed.) 

  9. Is this the End?


    [spoiler] “Pastelo, get up. The Lottery will be starting soon.” my sister Velma tells me as she shakes me to get up. I groan and sit up on my thin sleeping bag. I rub my eyes and blink a few times to clear my vision, even though it’s the same as always. I see our small house, which is just one room for the 2 of us. There are cobwebs everywhere and cracks in the walls, but it keeps us safe.

    I look to my side and see my sister on her knees next to me, crossing her arms. I finally respond to her question: “Ok, fine, give me 5 minutes.”

    She gets up from beside me. “I’m just gonna head over there, but find me, OK?” Velma tells me and I nod while she takes off.

    I strip down and then wash outside in the pond by our house. I get dressed back inside in some smelly clothes.

    I walk over to a corner of the house and I nudge my Spinda a little which was sleeping on some old papers. She gets up and happily climbs up on my shoulder. Anyone with a Pokemon is lucky to have one since most Pokemon are now hostile and Pokeballs are scarce. We got even more lucky, as Spinda came from an Egg we found and was innocent.

    I head outside with Spinda and walk over to the Head House which used to be a Gym before everything went bad.

    All towns in the Kanto region look terrible with few shelters and most people living on the street. Velma and I are lucky no one has tried to take our shelter yet since assaults are common, and there are few rules of protection.

    I finally make it to the Head House and see Velma waiting for me in the crowd for the Lottery. The Lottery is basically a raffle that happens every week; everyone enters, and the winner gets a ticket to leave this region. The Head of Fuchsia calls out the winner.

    “The winner is…NoadHunter!” he announces. Velma and I sigh. The woman who wins gasps and then begins crying hysterically as she makes her way to the front of the crowd to get her ticket.

    We all applaud depressed and then head back to where we live. We are not lucky enough to leave here today.

    The Lottery is the only highlight of each day and the only thing to live for as the rest of the day is just plain awful. There is no time for games, only for food and survival, which is how we spend the rest of the day. Our population is small and shrinking as most people just choose to kill themselves.

    Every night, Velma and I pray to the gods of our religion: “Staff” as we call them. We hope for an “update” and the change it brings to come some day and save us from this hell. [/spoiler]

    Word Count: 494 
    IGN: Pastelo
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