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  1. I have a question. What IS a PasteloPuffle, anyway?

    1. PasteloPuffle


      Pastel is like a shade of a color, like Pastel Purple, Pastel Pink, etc. So I added an "o" to the end of it to make kind of like a name, since I love Pastel colors. I was thinking about jigglypuff when I made my "Last name" of sorts so puff, as in JigglyPUFF, and then added "le" to make it more like a name as well. However, I've heard that "Pastel" is also the word for "Cake" in a different language that I can't remember right now, and since I...

    2. PasteloPuffle


      am in training to become a pastry chef at culinary school, I figured "Cakeo" would also be an appropriate type of name. (Sorry for the huge explanation. xP)

    3. Misfire33


      Well, okay then. That was pretty much the "War and Peace" of name origins, but whatever. It does sound good.

      Good luck baking cakes and caking bakes. :]

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