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  1. 160.000~ encounters since my last one, number is accurate yes @Parke
  2. Choice of two colors: Blue and Purple Name: Bluejim) Team (Optional): - Render: Zangoose&Farfetch'd
  3. ez game
  4. Public Test Server. Heres the link
  5. Thanks for the spoiler, nerd.
  6. I dont know if anyone else has noticed, but the main difference between Vegeta and Goku, regarding their training, was the fact that Goku always had a tutor/teacher training and helping him become stronger. And that is the reason why Goku was a step ahead of Vegeta everytime, because Vegeta was always on his own while Goku was getting all the support and tutoring. In dragon ball super that no longer is the case. And to be honest, I have very high hopes for Vegeta finally get the spotlight, and maybe outclass Goku at some point of the series.Personally, would love to see that happen.
  7. I will announce the Tier list changes of March in this thread. These changes are made according to the Usage gathered from 6th February - 8th March. The tables can be seen here: (The cut-off point is 4.36%). A list of this months Tier Changes: Moving up from UU to OU: Tentacruel: 4.82% usage in the Over-used tier. Locked for 2 months. Moving up from NU to UU: Ninetales: 6.97% usage in the Under-used tier. Locked for 2 months. Poliwrath: 5.70% usage in the Under-used tier. Locked for 2 months. Granbull: 5.65% usage in the Under-used tier. Locked for 2 months. Pikachu: 5.43% usage in the Under-used tier. Locked for 2 months. Grumpig: 4.82% usage in the Under-used tier. Locked for 2 months. Thanks to the Tier Council and everyone who has been participating in Official Tournaments and Matchmaking!
  8. AlienMMO
  9. The Tier Council has decided that Golem is a potentially banworthy threat within the UU tier, due to its offensive stats combined with the useful ability, sturdy, and an above average offensive movepool. Golem has very few switchins, while it forces many pokemon out. Golem's switch ins are limited to Meganium, Quagsire, and bulky Exeggutor, all of which need to be careful about switching in as they only resist one of Golem's stab moves. As it takes a core of Meganium along with rock resistance to handle Golem, there is a great deal of centralization in the UU tier. Meganium has had a huge surge of usage recently due to its ability to outspeed Golem with some speed evs and being able to ohko Golem with giga drain. Pokemon faster than Golem are almost always going to be one hit by Golem, thus Golem is guaranteed at least one kill if sturdy is still up, and is then free to explode on a slower pokemon later in the match. We would like the community's input on whether Golem is offensive uber, overcentralizing/unhealthy, or healthy in the UU meta.