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  1. A Player you will never forget.

    @dedegendut what a legend he was
  2. Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    Been so long since the last upate which got me that much excited!! Nice work Devs
  3. I wonder which abilites and moves will get added hype pls give cheap pp maxes
  4. alt+f4 this game is not for you
  5. Akshit's Asylum [Vanity Items]

    91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100
  6. Event Suggestions & Feedback

    Thank you @Gilan for the Europe-friendly time of your next tournament. Hoping to see more official pvp like this, here and there in the future.
  7. List of "Hidden" pokemons for Pokedex

    They both hot doe.
  8. Breeding place

    You meet him at Nimbasa city, he becomes available after that.
  9. [WinÐ] Dust in the wind

    Congratulations to Ceditto 1st place and Deadpoolwade 3rd place ! http://challonge.com/lidln95m
  10. Event Suggestions & Feedback

    Miss those Oceania tournaments. I get that less people play on these timezones, but europeans also need some love.
  11. [WinÐ] Dust in the wind

    Wow this team lit af
  12. Akshit's Asylum [Vanity Items]

    Juse used this ev service, and I can safely say I am 100% satisfied. Fast and accurate. 10/10

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