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  1. Breeding place

    You meet him at Nimbasa city, he becomes available after that.
  2. [PSL9] Player Registration

    IGN: Bluejim Timezone: GMT+2 Fluff: your mom Most Preferred Manager: your mom Least Preferred Manager: your granny
  3. [WinÐ] Dust in the wind

    Congratulations to Ceditto 1st place and Deadpoolwade 3rd place ! http://challonge.com/lidln95m
  4. Event Suggestions & Feedback

    Miss those Oceania tournaments. I get that less people play on these timezones, but europeans also need some love.
  5. [WinÐ] Dust in the wind

    Wow this team lit af
  6. Akshit's Asylum [EV Training Services]

    Juse used this ev service, and I can safely say I am 100% satisfied. Fast and accurate. 10/10
  7. Make Amnesia Brace Tradeable

    I dont see any harm of it being tradeable, so +1.
  8. [Screenshot] General Screenshot Megathread

    he so fat the floor cracked
  9. They called gym leaders for a reason edit: get gud
  10. Evo stones

    Found an oval stone at Dragonspiral tower outside while i was killing basculin hordes(no pick up). Also for the ones that are not yet aware, magmarizer and the other elecsomething item for electabuzz may be held from wild magmars, electabuzzes accordingly.
  11. Your Team for Unova

    Shiny zangoose

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