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  1. I take.
  2. Hello, Regarding storyline, almost any pokemon will do. You will have no problem finishing storyline with your current pokemon. If you want to finish it really fast though, get a starmie with thunderbolt surf ice beam psychic, Ivs or nature dont matter. Now for the OU team designed for PvP, here is a guide that might help.
  3. 160.000~ encounters since my last one, number is accurate yes @Parke
  4. Choice of two colors: Blue and Purple Name: Bluejim) Team (Optional): - Render: Zangoose&Farfetch'd
  5. ez game
  6. Revived.
  7. Thanks for the spoiler, nerd.
  8. I dont know if anyone else has noticed, but the main difference between Vegeta and Goku, regarding their training, was the fact that Goku always had a tutor/teacher training and helping him become stronger. And that is the reason why Goku was a step ahead of Vegeta everytime, because Vegeta was always on his own while Goku was getting all the support and tutoring. In dragon ball super that no longer is the case. And to be honest, I have very high hopes for Vegeta finally get the spotlight, and maybe outclass Goku at some point of the series.Personally, would love to see that happen.