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  1. Should have donated those mil to @DaftCoolio instead of @PSL11. Noone would know and you'd be manager. Get gud scrub
  2. Note: I will be very busy during June due to exams but I think I will be able to afford few hours per week to do my matches etc. Don't want to miss all the fun. Also, dear managers, keep in mind that for the past year I wasn't really active so I don't have many new pokes. I surely don't mind borrowing some for my matches if needed. This spoiler is for just for @DaftCoolio IGN: Shinytailow Blue Timezone: UTC+3 Tiers: OU/UU/NU Something else to farm likes: Been playing since june 2013, won officials ,unofficials ,PSL CHAMPION (2 times) ,been GM blablabla. Now time for some real accomplishment. Cooked lasagna and golden nuggets while posting this
  3. But they are able to speak french right? Anyway the fact that they not french might be why I can seperate them from all of your pack haha
  4. Is it me or all french newbies 2015+ look the same, I can't tell the difference (from their posts) and all the names seem funny hahaha. I only know Pinklabel , nice lad. Rest might as well be gbwead alts.
  5. Sent you some ingame.
  6. Guess I'll start. IGN: Shinytailow Timezone: your bedtime Tiers: Ask your mom Fluff: Amazing scam opportunity for you to get some decent player for 2k or even less, whisper me so we can arrange it ( but don't tell other managers hue). Providing quality duels and also potential drama for PSL season, so killing two birds with one stone. When shit hits the fan we deny everything and sub me out. Favorite Manager: TheFireLion
  7. All these attention thread you been making through last months , like this one, have grown really annoying. Since you got in the trouble posting them and kept playing, I am sure you can survive untill new region arrives as well. Stop complaining about everything and try being patient and quiet for a change.
  8. Illusion will never be shiny, zorua appears as a shiny after it breaks. If you meet a shiny pokemon, then it's not a zorua.
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