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  1. If I remember correctly, this has happened before. During Autumn Seasonal Tournament. At the finals one of the players threw (I think it was Lightleaks) so he would get 2nd prize which was shiny ninetails.
  2. It is intended, not a bug.
  3. That would make him the best troll in the universe, someone else did mention this before.
  4. For me, all the points you made justify the reason why Bestfriends deserves to be mayor of PokeMMO. The fact that he is always serious means that he will never troll, fool around or make fun of new players asking for help. He is a honest and pure hearted person. Many years back, when I first saw him posting on forums being all serious and official, me and 99% of the community didn't take him seriously and were almost certain that he is another troll on the forums. In time, everyone realized that this wasn't the case. I don't believe a person will ever be able to significantly affect this games economy, community etc, be it Mayor or not. Almost everyone, me included, would realize that, stop trying and lose interest. But guess what, Bestfriends is not one of those people. He will NEVER stop caring about the community and putting effort to the role of Mayor. Because he is deadly SERIOUS and determined to exceed the expectations people have of him. Personally, I rather have Bestfriends as Mayor instead of some stuffed shirt person with huge ego bragging about it and not doing shit. I mean let's be real, who else would go everyday to starting towns giving out hundreds of Meowths and other pokemon to new players. An act that makes playerbase look good and game more enjoyable. To sum up, I voted for him before and I sure as hell will do it again. #BF2020
  5. Should have donated those mil to @DaftCoolio instead of @PSL11. Noone would know and you'd be manager. Get gud scrub
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