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  1. Lol dude 3-4 years ago the breed parents did not even dissapear and you could churn out dozens of perfect pokemon, so if you're complaining about the current system, it just goes to show that people are never satisfied with anything
  2. damn nice who can i pay to sell me a shiny dunspace OT zehkar
  3. Bro I swear you guys are a bunch of sell-outs. All memes aside, how are you gonna vote for some random spanish comp guy (no offense einstein) that represents like, nothing, of the community just because he's been hosting tournaments for a week or two (who, by the way, probably came back to the game just to give away his fortune he amassed from when he was a relevant comp player in the past) instead of Bestfriends who 1. was good enough to get elected the first time and 2. breaks his back to represent this game's community and gain their respect? You can have whatever opinion you want on bestfriends, which for the most part are usually justified, but picking the other random jaja guy over bestfriends is so stupid on every level and you guys are also stupid
  4. My mailbox is full and i got too many messages over the limit but do the sig however you want, just make sure that sonya is on there please... I trust you
  5. Yes hello I am interested in a sig please, my ign is Calculatrize, my team is SAKÉ and the Pokémon I want on the sig is the new professors assistant from GEN 8, Sonya. You can choose the background and stuff. Thank you
  6. @Noad You fools forgot about the most qualified person
  7. hey are the manager signups still open i hope i'm not too late
  8. Stop slandering my good name... I volunteered to to kick myself off the team
  9. Honestly, not wanting to sugarcoat it, I don’t think the 100% staff doing a good job option is very realistic. I don’t think there has ever been or ever will be 100% of the current staff that does a great job. We’ve certainly come close in the past, having a very solid team but there was at least 1 shithead that messed stuff up (perry). Back in the Noad days we probably had one of the most competent teams. 75% seems like a better choice to me, speaking from experience. Honestly I don’t know a bunch of the current staff but I’m sure that some of them are good and a couple are not so good because that’s just how it’s always been. And you know what? I think that’s okay. There needs to be a couple of bad eggs for the great staff to really shine. And the bad ones are (almost always) kicked, never promoted, or they leave staff themselves, so everything works itself out at the end. I do admit that certain sgms picked up the habit of hiring the stupidest and non-worthy people from the community to be staff starting like 2 years ago (like bilburt, akshit, rigamorty) and that’s been pretty pooped but yeah there are still some good staff (bear, darkshade, zenor sometimes I guess)
  10. Staff should take a page out of this guy's book. HE knows how to continue a tradition.
  11. hey remember when everyone hated you

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    2. Zehkar


      going to school bro

    3. Malorne


      about time u stopped being an illiterate

    4. Zehkar


      yeah then im gonna become gm on my next game (discord)

  12. Finally you're back diano, the game was so boring without you
  13. no, the agreement was that they would never get a turkish staff member
  14. yeah dude i've been riding darkshade about this since 2015
  15. Learning French with my french peeps on here and being one of the best staff members in history along with @Eggplant, @Gawerty, @Tyrone, and @Kiliminati
  16. I literally totally forgot you werent staff anymore
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