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  1. If you are still online, please answer about that almost everyone owned Jindu's hat in VERMILION CITY on March 31, 2017. Is it an activity?

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    2. babyPDD
    3. 3065640587


      He wanted to know whether the picture was true

    4. babyPDD


      Hey, hey, don't ignore me

  2. Lol dude 3-4 years ago the breed parents did not even dissapear and you could churn out dozens of perfect pokemon, so if you're complaining about the current system, it just goes to show that people are never satisfied with anything
  3. damn nice who can i pay to sell me a shiny dunspace OT zehkar
  4. 3 trees

    1. Zehkar


      bro get on discord

    2. Instagramlol


      What's your discord id

    3. Zehkar


      Zehkar#1080 hurry up bro I’m losing interest

  5. Bro I swear you guys are a bunch of sell-outs. All memes aside, how are you gonna vote for some random spanish comp guy (no offense einstein) that represents like, nothing, of the community just because he's been hosting tournaments for a week or two (who, by the way, probably came back to the game just to give away his fortune he amassed from when he was a relevant comp player in the past) instead of Bestfriends who 1. was good enough to get elected the first time and 2. breaks his back to represent this game's community and gain their respect? You can have whatever opinion you want on bestfriends, which for the most part are usually justified, but picking the other random jaja guy over bestfriends is so stupid on every level and you guys are also stupid
  6. Hey there,

    your signature is done and in the forum post

  7. My mailbox is full and i got too many messages over the limit but do the sig however you want, just make sure that sonya is on there please... I trust you
  8. Yes hello I am interested in a sig please, my ign is Calculatrize, my team is SAKÉ and the Pokémon I want on the sig is the new professors assistant from GEN 8, Sonya. You can choose the background and stuff. Thank you
  9. @Noad You fools forgot about the most qualified person
  10. hey are the manager signups still open i hope i'm not too late
  11. everytime I log in, I always see this lmao. 



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