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  1. everytime I log in, I always see this lmao. 



  2. Stop slandering my good name... I volunteered to to kick myself off the team
  3. Honestly, not wanting to sugarcoat it, I don’t think the 100% staff doing a good job option is very realistic. I don’t think there has ever been or ever will be 100% of the current staff that does a great job. We’ve certainly come close in the past, having a very solid team but there was at least 1 shithead that messed stuff up (perry). Back in the Noad days we probably had one of the most competent teams. 75% seems like a better choice to me, speaking from experience. Honestly I don’t know a bunch of the current staff but I’m sure that some of them are good and a couple are not so good because that’s just how it’s always been. And you know what? I think that’s okay. There needs to be a couple of bad eggs for the great staff to really shine. And the bad ones are (almost always) kicked, never promoted, or they leave staff themselves, so everything works itself out at the end. I do admit that certain sgms picked up the habit of hiring the stupidest and non-worthy people from the community to be staff starting like 2 years ago (like bilburt, akshit, rigamorty) and that’s been pretty pooped but yeah there are still some good staff (bear, darkshade, zenor sometimes I guess)
  4. Yo, je sais que c'est assez random comme apparition mais j'espère que ça va bien de ton côté, boss ;)


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    2. Diano


      Salut, je pars sur mes 18 ans le dimanche 14 avril

    3. Zehkar


      et tu vis ou

    4. Diano


      Je suis à La Réunion, en fin juin je finis mes études et je retourne en France Métropolitaine dès la fin du mois de juin ou le début du mois de juillet ^^

  5. Staff should take a page out of this guy's book. HE knows how to continue a tradition.
  6. hey remember when everyone hated you

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    2. Zehkar


      going to school bro

    3. Malorne


      about time u stopped being an illiterate

    4. Zehkar


      yeah then im gonna become gm on my next game (discord)

  7. no, the agreement was that they would never get a turkish staff member
  8. Zehkar send me mail pls

  9. yeah dude i've been riding darkshade about this since 2015
  10. Learning French with my french peeps on here and being one of the best staff members in history along with @Eggplant, @Gawerty, @Tyrone, and @Kiliminati
  11. Zehkar


    kaarim vs alito
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