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  1. They can use google translate, it is a rule on our forums to provide a translation when posting in another language.
  2. I don't mean the guide, I mean the comments below it
  3. Please include english translations when you make comments in other languages. :)
  4. Could you possibly sum up all of the money you made from everything you got from the boxes(and how much you spent, exactly)? :D I would like to see how much money you lost or won in total
  5. You can edit Typhlosion in the OP :)
  6. Rules sry i forget them i have to check again ( im serius i wont lie)

  7. Look who's finally Blue

  8. Hello, Unfortunately we cannot distribute roms as it is against our rules. You will have to obtain them yourself. Have a good day!
  9. Roy Rogers News is the best by far, you should look into making Noad your permanent co-host
  10. I see you like ruining my reputation
  11. Call me again and I will end you

  12. Dude SWEET avatar

    1. TheChampionMike