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  1. hey remember when everyone hated you

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    2. Zehkar


      going to school bro

    3. Malorne


      about time u stopped being an illiterate

    4. Zehkar


      yeah then im gonna become gm on my next game (discord)

  2. Zehkar


    no, the agreement was that they would never get a turkish staff member
  3. Zehkar

    Least liked staff member

  4. Zehkar send me mail pls

  5. Zehkar

    Marriage System

    yeah dude i've been riding darkshade about this since 2015
  6. Zehkar

    6 years of PokeMMO

    Learning French with my french peeps on here and being one of the best staff members in history along with @Eggplant, @Gawerty, @Tyrone, and @Kiliminati
  7. Zehkar


    kaarim vs alito
  8. Zehkar

    A Player you will never forget.

    I literally totally forgot you werent staff anymore
  9. Zehkar

    A Player you will never forget.

    Nice, I finally have a reason to share my creepy notepad list of all ex-staff since I joined RIP : @Noad @Ronax @Zehkar @Patrick @Bluejim @Caracal @Jindu @Musica @Tranzmaster @Kudasai (is he staff again? idk) @Hisagi @Tyrone @Eggplant @ExpertWinston @Rulana AKA RipHenk @Fudnud @Inarin @xSparkie (not really ded tho) @Kiliminati @Sakura (SakuraHime) @Gawerty Steph (best staff IMO) @DaftKitteh @CaptainGrey @xSkyy @Miichii @GBush @Toshley @KatheFoster @Ruak @Kurodashi @Raederz @Summrs @McTermi @Billla @Kole AKA iKole @ImFunk
  10. Zehkar

    A RacheLucario Appreciation Thread

    Love u Rache
  11. Zehkar

    Happy New Year 2018!

    My new years resolution is to be accepted as a staff member in this fine organization :T
  12. Zehkar

    I need help

    Right click on your character>Click yourself>CLick Character Customization and you will be able to remove and put on vanity items there.
  13. hola zehkar como estar es Onwr nose si te recuerdas de mi aun tengo mi cuenta baneada ayudame para que me desbaneen mi id; wilfredo2505   name: Onwr   ayudame amigooo


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