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  1. Dude nice avatar

  2. Just charmander and magmar left my dude
  3. This isn't a trashtalk thread; please don't post if you won't contribute to the thread's goal (betting).
  4. Taking these three
  5. Happy birthday m8

    1. Pyroface


      haha thanks man

    2. EmanuelPKK


      Happy birthday

  6. Moved to competitive assistance
  7. I don't know who I should be mad at but be prepared for the roasting of a lifetime next time I see you
  8. Old setup: New setup:
  9. Mailed 100k to YungTor
  10. If you would like to recruit players for your team, I suggest you do it in your already-existing thread in the Round Table:
  11. Taking Easiest 100k I'll ever make
  12. If you'd like to sell pokemon, I suggest you make a separate post in the Trade Corner. I will leave this thread open if the main purpose is to show the results of catching that many dittos but I ask that you please remove the bottom part of your post saying to leave offers in this thread.
  13. They can use google translate, it is a rule on our forums to provide a translation when posting in another language.