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  1. pokemmo Chinese(Traditional)

    Hello, advertising 3rd party forums is not allowed here. Have a nice day.
  2. Trick/covet/theif have they changed?

    Well, assuming you're going to be thiefing wild pokemon, a hit from a lvl 100 will probably kill them in one hit, which is what you don't want when you're trying to thief.
  3. Where is the Zen Headbutt tutor?

    At this time there are no move tutors for gen 4-5 moves. They will be added later.
  4. How do you lvl up to lvl 100 now?

    To get max obedience level, you need to beat the elite 4 in that region.
  5. Stuck :(

    You can cross the sandholes by walking instead of biking/running
  6. We will meditate on it but those types of games have nothing to do with the main storyline games, so it will most likely never be put in. PS: Put future suggestions in the suggestion box.
  7. Update the main page please

    We are aware of this and it will be updated, thank you :)
  8. I wish I could sleep this thread
  9. Ability Magic Guard is not working

    Many gen 5 abilities are not working at the moment, they will be fixed later.
  10. New to PokeMMO

    1.PokeMMO is completely safe. 2.The current regions re Kanto, Hoenn, and Unova. 3.Refer to this short guide to download PokeMMO: https://pokemmo.eu/downloads/windows/ 4.Yes they can follow you if you have a soulsilver/heartgold rom in your rom folder, but Gen 5 pokemon do not have follower sprites. 5.It depends on who you befriend. There will be nice people and people that will try to scam you (which is now against the rules), but you can contact a staff member and they can help you trade evolve.
  11. Will be soon updating this guide to include all new implemented pokemon :)
  12. Unova EV Training Guide

    There are hordes of 5 garbodors in Route 9 if you use sweet scent that gives 10 attack or 20 with macho brace. There are also pawniard hordes in the same spot, but they give half the EVs.
  13. Dunsparce#1

  14. What happened to my pokemon?

    The obedience caps were changed to make the game more challenging. Press C to open your trainer card and see your current obedience cap in the region that you are in. Any pokemon over this level will faint itself in battle.
  15. I'm ready!

    Thanks for the info, good luck.

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