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  1. Hey i got a shiny female skitty for sale. lets talk ingame. :)
  2. smeargle is atleast 30m. prolly more
  3. I bet I have more encounters on my main then you on on your 2 accounts together.
  4. No shiny for me for almost 3 years now and 1OT at all in almost 5000 hours of playtime and ppl complaining about not getting a shiny for 2 months LOL shiny rate seems to be fair.
  5. Where the fuck are you bb

  6. Birthday at: 25.05

    I hope you bake a cake for your teammates.


    Also I think you made a mistake with your year of birth. should be 2002.

    1. Aerun


      Sure mate we'll eat it together 

      Also eat my ass lolnoob

  7. well the main reason why they lose is, because they dont play on the same level like france.
  8. everyone is against portugal, because its so freaking boring to watch them play soccer. guess thats the main reason.
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