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  1. Birthday at: 25.05

    I hope you bake a cake for your teammates.


    Also I think you made a mistake with your year of birth. should be 2002.

    1. Aerun


      Sure mate we'll eat it together 

      Also eat my ass lolnoob

  2. well the main reason why they lose is, because they dont play on the same level like france.
  3. everyone is against portugal, because its so freaking boring to watch them play soccer. guess thats the main reason.
  4. *better team. obv you cant read lol
  5. .I.
  6. better team lost D:
  7. hey my little uguu. almost first anniversary of KING. time to come back :)


    PS: Jk game is shit now.

    1. Quakkz


      wont ever happen i guess :D

    2. lolnoopkiller
  8. the blue cow will be mine :P
  9. is pix even worth 8m nowadays? :D
  10. oh yeah my bad. meant pickup
  11. i think you can get leftovers from the other pokemons in berry forest too. I´m not 100% sure tho.   nice guide :)
  12. he was running around with it in vermillion too. like atleast 3 times
  13. then he shouldnt run around with it lol.
  14. those 4 nipples would make me crazy.
  15. thats prolly the reason why the OT quit lol