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  1. Added : Typhlosion - CONFIRMED
  2. Added : Quilava - CONFIRMED
  3. Added : Jolteon - CONFIRMED
  4. Added : Nosepass - GIFT SHINY Chimecho - CONFIRMED
  5. Added : Chikorita - FLED Croconaw - CONFIRMED Feraligatr - CONFIRMED
  6. Prizes should not be exclusive to competitive players. Probably this is why they made Shinys breedable, so even non-competitive players could have comp Shinys. What you're suggesting would be totally opposite of this.
  7. A better way to have 'different' prizes for non-competitives would be to put a suggestion of higher money/rp or something like that, instead of suggesting to change the basic concept of Shinys.
  8. This is happening already as comp Shiny Prizes are competitive Shinys. No need of a fancier (different colored) comp shiny imo.
  9. Assuming every shiny trader to be a scammer is kinda childish from an ex-staff member
  10. This is how it will affect the economy: *Random person sees Fancy Black Gyarados event reward* Obviously more appealing than the standard Red Shiny Gyarados, that person is more likely to spend all his efforts and money trying to 'win' the Black one instead of buying the standard Red Gyarados. As a result, our already weak shiny market gonna be dead.
  11. let's just have one Shiny for each Pokemon like the originals, not a Shiny version A and B or whatever
  12. Would make standard shinys completely useless with these fancy 'shinier shinys'. I don't think this game should turn into a 'Build your own custom shiny' thing. Let's stick to the originals
  13. Congrats friend..

    1. McTermi


      thank you flare :)

    2. FlareBlitzz


      Hope to see you again someday ^_^

      Good luck