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  1. Close this topic I guess. People are clearly have way too much time in their hands are are too emotionally involved in the subject. Personally I don't think it requires a college thesis. Opinions are kind of irrelevant. Making the vanilla Elite 4 available for Pokedollar (make it 10,000-20,000 pokedollar, 0bp, and keep the CD, It's better than nothing, Just let us have the content back) farming didn't break the game in 2012 and won't break the game now. Anyone who thinks othewise -to the point where they're willing to ad-lib paragraphs in their spare time on the subject, is silly and shouldn't be taken seriously.
  2. If people were worried about the economy you wouldn't be able to straight up buy pokedollars by buying RP and selling it on the GTL. I don't see how what I suggested could hurt the economy any more than that would. But I hope they don't see it that way
  3. I've been playing PokeMMO since 2012, I never posted on the forums and I mostly do comp pvp matches. I recently decided to create a new Comp team, so I went to farm the elite 4 like I did back in the day. Currently on 80+ Kanto E4 and the pokemon are different every time. I just got wiped by a rain dance team. It's immensely challenging, and I'm working on a Comp Team, I don't want to have to create a brand new team just for beating the elite 4. A difficulty select would allow players to grind the elite four at previous difficulties (I beat it at level 70+ no problem). For lesser rewards. As it stands I can't complete it, so the content was effectively removed from the game for me. Unless I want to spend hundreds of thousands of pokedollars on a team centered around defeating the elite four. Even the guide which suggests a baton pass team considers it's self outdated, which leads people to believe the difficulty has increased since and thus even that is no longer viable. I understand wanting to create a challenge for hardcore players, but I can pop FR/LG into my GBA right now and farm pokedollars on the elite four. You can have a Hardcore E4 option available without removing the vanilla experience.
  4. I can't find anything about the update, like patch notes or anything. Link?
  5. As someone who just spent an hour going page by page looking for a Skarmory with Roost and a Growlith with Close Combat, is there any way to add an Advanced Search Function for Egg Moves? Example: https://imgur.com/a/obxfE2S
  6. Does Payday effect Pickup Ability's logic in any way? Should we not use Payday when doing Pickup farms? I saw some people talking about a potential conflict-of-interest in Global and I just want to verify.
  7. Laharyl

    Quick Wishlist

    >Official Discord Channel. Probably Users around Familiar with Discord that would help set it up for free. >Pickup Drop-Rate Increase for Donator Status Players. >Update the "Natures" List when searching for Pokemon for "+Str/+Spe/+Spd/etc." To make it easier for new players. >Click to Move so my brother with muscular dystrophy can play. He can play WoW with me and my friends but not PokeMMO due to lack of such a basic function.
  8. Hello everyone. :)

  9. That's not the end of the game, that's the beginning of it. VS Runs Re-Battle All Gym Leaders Re-Battle All Elite 4 Pickup Runs Smeargle Cave Payday Runs Breeding Battling.
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