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  1. I can't find anything about the update, like patch notes or anything. Link?
  2. As someone who just spent an hour going page by page looking for a Skarmory with Roost and a Growlith with Close Combat, is there any way to add an Advanced Search Function for Egg Moves? Example: https://imgur.com/a/obxfE2S
  3. Does Payday effect Pickup Ability's logic in any way? Should we not use Payday when doing Pickup farms? I saw some people talking about a potential conflict-of-interest in Global and I just want to verify.
  4. Laharyl

    Quick Wishlist

    >Official Discord Channel. Probably Users around Familiar with Discord that would help set it up for free. >Pickup Drop-Rate Increase for Donator Status Players. >Update the "Natures" List when searching for Pokemon for "+Str/+Spe/+Spd/etc." To make it easier for new players. >Click to Move so my brother with muscular dystrophy can play. He can play WoW with me and my friends but not PokeMMO due to lack of such a basic function.
  5. Hello everyone. :)

  6. That's not the end of the game, that's the beginning of it. VS Runs Re-Battle All Gym Leaders Re-Battle All Elite 4 Pickup Runs Smeargle Cave Payday Runs Breeding Battling.
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