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  1. Copy make copy of "Default" folder in themes and rename it to any name you want Like this: [spoiler][/spoiler] Do you have the Game running? try reopen file without gmae running.
  2. They changed something in Java; go to control panel - Java - Security - set medium. But first try to update java if you can.
  3. Your signature animation needs more Sylveon.

  4. Yes and No, general use is same but you need to edit different files - instead of user-interface.png you are editing monster-info.png, main-hud.png and battle-hud.png. I am trying to kick myself into finishing new tut but... it may take a while.
  5. Po dlouhé době nová aktualizace a taky bump protože je to až na někde na poslední stránce. Update after long time, also bump because its somewhere on last page. 25.8.2013 Přidán překlad nových vláken. New strings translation added.
  6. So I am trying to change those fields [spoiler][/spoiler] Code: [spoiler]  <theme name="monster-frame" ref="resizableframe"> <param name="background"><image>frame_bc</image></param> <param name="overlay"><image>odlesk</image></param> <theme name="title" ref="-defaults"> <!-- titulek --> <param name="textAlignment"> <enum type="alignment">center</enum> </param> <param name="font"><font>monster_title</font></param> </theme> <!-- zase titulek --> <param name="titleAreaTop"><int>12</int></param> <param name="titleAreaLeft"><int>11</int></param> <param name="titleAreaRight"><int>270</int></param> <param name="titleAreaBottom"><int>45</int></param> <theme name="dialoglayout" ref="-defaults"> <theme name="tabbedpane" ref="-defaults"> <theme name="container" ref="-defaults"> <theme name="dialoglayout" ref="-defaults"> <theme name="label-monster-area" ref="-defaults"> <theme name="label-monster-value" ref="label" allowWildcard="true"> <param name="background"><image>Xmi-label-value</image></param> </theme> <theme name="label-monster-value-name" ref="label" allowWildcard="true"> <param name="background"><image>Xmi-label-value-inset</image></param> </theme> </theme> </theme> </theme> </theme> </theme> </theme> [/spoiler] But i get error "while parsing Theme XML file: ...monster-frameG.xml" I would be very happy if anyone can help me what this. There is whole file: http://sdrv.ms/192KKq7
  7. Most of it is outdated now, but it still should give you idea what to do. Ill update it when I have some time.
  8. There is a tutorial from [url="https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/6586-tutorial-sprite-editing-and-inserting-for-fire-red/"][member='InnerMobius'][/url]: [url="https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/6586-tutorial-sprite-editing-and-inserting-for-fire-red/"]https://forums.pokem...g-for-fire-red/[/url], however its only for fire red rom (i think). I have no idea how to edit SS/HS rom.
  9. Thats transparency indication. Default is grey - more grey, I have changed it to make it more visible (Edit->Preferences->Transparency and Gamut->Grid colors).
  10. And it is done, first post edited.
  11. Little update, part 2 and 3 are done and there will be 5 in total.
  12. Regarding Client Customization So here its my tutorial on how to edit GUI in PokeMMO, it will show you some basic things and tips. If you have any suggestion, question, etc just ask. Also I am not native English speaker so there probably will be some "unique" sentences or errors, sorry for that. List of Editable Files List of editable files Image 1 This is main part, it contains some tips and how to change buttons, windows and stuff via TWL Theme Editor. Pretty big image. Image 2 Here its list of what is what in user-interface.png. Image 3 How to edit GUI without TWL only through user-interface.png, + some tips. Image 4 Here its how to make super simple "plastic" button. Image 5 And finally how to change fonts. I hope its not confusing and good luck with your future GUIs :)
  13. Česky: Přeložil jsem všechno co šlo kromě názvu chatu (Global, Trade, atd). V chatu prosím používejte angličtinu, zvláště v Global a Trade. Hra nepodporuje diakritiku (ščřž) (zatím), proto jsem ji nemohl použít. Silně pochyuju že to někdo bude potřebovat, ale když to jde tak proč to nepřeložit že? Návod k instalaci: Stáhněte soubor níže - nakopírujte obsah raru do adresáře hry (v mém případě například D:\Games\PokeMMO-Client\). Pokud máte hru zapnutou restartujte ji, ve hře zvolte Game menu - Settings - Gameplay a položku Language nastavte na cze. Potvrdte klepnutím na Save, hru bude třeba restartovat English: Soubor s překladem: File with translation: http://sdrv.ms/VNYq0T Changelog
  14. Zoubek


    I have been in game for few days, and i think its time to say hello, so hello everyone :).
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