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  1. I don't think is 1 Mil. But it's much money.

    1. WBHman


      Lol, I was kidding

  2. Speed it's there between Psysical stats (Atk and def) and Special stats (Sp Atk and Sp Def). That's a interesting position of the stats which it's not hard to confuse with them. It's interesting but i agree about this needs to be fixed.   Pidgeot stats on that image.
  3. Predictions are very randomly unknowingly. But is comprehensive sometimes

  4. I agree with a maximum of 5 letters . But 1 letter no, Because after using 1 letter, only the 98,9% of the letters are available for use it but soon it can't be used a letter. So 2-5 letters
  5. No comment...........perhaps.

    1. Bishav


      Perhaps no

  6. (>°-°)> Please dance with me

    1. lerais


      <(°-°<) Always will dance with you~

    2. BlueSpectre


      uh..... o_o

  7. \__(°-°)__/ Just hello

  8. I Hear about. i'm a mysterious person. But no

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