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  1. Many people have posted suggestion alike from this. And literally every time, it has been rejected.   My reasons of why they would not add this way of earning money is: 1. There is already many ways to earn money at a decent rate. 2. Even daily mission is still considered to be in the grinding area, since you are doing it over and over.   So my suggestion to you is that don't count on this happening any time soon. As of our current economy, the only REAL way to earn real, big money is to sell COMPS/Shiny.   But if you are looking for some desperate moneys, here are some ways: 1. Kanto NPC Farming/Grinding (You are basically grinding the whole Kanto region for money in certain, good spot for moneys.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3msDygvJWY  Credits to immortal fox for this awesome video! THIS IS NOT MINE! CREDITS GOES TO THIS AWESOME DOOD! Here is the video to the places to grind. (I don't know how to do those Spoilers things) (Edit for me would be nice) 2. Selling your Pokemon-If you have any unwanted pokemon, you can sell them to other players for the money that the pokemon is worth. Selling COMP or SHinys will ive you the most amount of money BTW :) (If you don't know how much a Pokemon is worth, check the Trade Guild, there is a Pokemon's Worth Section.) 3. Selling items! -Shards - (depends on the shards) -Fossils - (vary from 10K-20K) -Everstones ( People sell them for 20K-25K) -Hard Stones (I don't know how much Hard Stones cost actually *^*) -Left Overs ( IDK Cost*^*) -EXP Share (IDK Cost *^*) -Choice Band... (IDK Cost *^*) (Ask in your Channel for their worth if you are unsure, I would suggest Channel 1-2, I feel like they are the most helpful. Or ask me in-game or a staff. My IGN is DuckyRage..staffs are Noad, Zehkar... that's all I know, I'm sorry other staffs. If I am missing any form of money farming, don't hesitate to tell me!  (I'm sorry for my bad English, or if this turned into a guide! *^*) Took me so long to write this, by the time I was done, other people basically summarized this *^*     Signature~ None Yet *^*
  2.   Alright, thanks bro! And the first time I did this, I got an Old Amber! Hahah this really works. This should become an official guide. Good work Hiraeth! *proud face*   Waiting for Signature...
  3. Hiraeth, when farming with my Smeargle, using Trick sometimes saids it failed. Does this means the Geodude is not holdling anything?   Smeargle is LVL 60 *^*   Also, when I use my LVL 40 Eevee, Smashing the rock does not get me into any battles?   SO CONFUSED, And I hate these stupid ginat patches of grass, always getting me into redundant annyoing battle with lame pokemons
  4. This is a really good idea! I would really like this to happen, the only cons I can think of is really    1. Repetitively checking the game to see cooldown. (Kind of an annoyance to check repeatedly and see its not available yet.) *In my opinion*
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