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  1. Team name: LYLE Render: https://gyazo.com/e4204136e1ef65e01694fb8c8244508e can add other stuff if you think its cool
  2. could be gift official prizes maybe?
  3. now they should add this super sayain hair
  4. don't see how that would kill creativity but i guess it would promote more walls but with the addition of choice band (...) walls won't be as effective
  5. well i guess but there is really no way around that
  6. well those are ratio's based off of events i'm talking about a ratio related to your personal duel status in viridian that everyone can view
  7. so if you right click a player it shows duel,whisper,add friend,trade,block and a win/lose ratio i think it would make duels more tense and fun 
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