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  1. Can we go back to forum registrations please? about 45 noobs without forum accounts just took my spot in the recent ou official in a matter of 3 seconds
  2. Congrats to art on the first official and winning a comp shiny better than any of mine :)
  3. also annoying when a guy has a perfect counter to my team and i have to face him over and over yeah i could change my team, but why change it for one person when my team is successful vs everyone else
  4. don't know if this is considered a scam or not, but there's also those guys who ask you to purchase something for them from the gift shop, and instead of paying whatever the price was, they'll just say 'jk' or just leave   idk if anything can even be done about this, but ive had it happen to me a year and a half ago and its pretty annoying
  5. starting to think i cant win tourneys hosted by noad kek [spoiler]still the best host though :) [/spoiler]
  6. Lf more tourneys with bad low tier shiny comp prizes since those are the only tourneys i can win my finals record is getting too close to even
  7. literally grabbed anything from my pc and ran to the table. Thought I'd have extra time for nik to bring me comps but was still forced to battle right away
  8. dont worry ill get a shiny breloom when we get better cms, although not upset, was gg
  9. Name: DestructX Team: [LYLE]KingCheerios Render: [spoiler][/spoiler] donation: 20k   background should be something dark, but whatever you think fits
  10. 我將永遠是最好的

  11. Can someone sign me up for tourney in a few? On phone so doubt I'll be fast enough
  12. Name: DestructX Team (optional): LYLE Background (optional): something dark-ish, but whatever you think looks nice Render (Pokemon/Character):https://gyazo.com/71f8af64f470bb111bf9f056fb9b93d8 Additional information (optional): would be cool if you could somehow make the yellow on rayquaza stand out a bit  Donation (optional): poor but ill be sure to get back to it
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