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  1. bring stubble back please
  2. if its too much of a problem, flat colored is fine
  3. actually faded color drawing would be better i think since it looks more realistic, but thanks
  4. uhh shiny manectric would be nice, and idk what its called but i like the style you made this in:
  5. since you're taking requests now (i guess) ill ask again can you sketch this character?
  6. 1.Kaynine seems like a nice guy 2.Kaynine is always willing to help someone with computer issues 3.Kaynine is a shiny hunter on a pokemon game 4. 5.Kaynine is often called a ginger months of putting clues together about what kaynine may look like in real life, i've come to the conclusion that kaynine most likely looks something like this:
  7. or we could go back to silph co where staff can actually ref/fix brackets themselves
  8. idk, i just recall staff reversing it in every official ive seen it happen
  9. yeah the game announces that shocker won, but in a tourney the staff would've reversed it
  10. wouldnt it work the same way as recoil though? say a fearow double edge'd a grumpig and ohkod it, but recoil killed fearow i think staff use to award wins to the guy using fearow
  11. lost to life orb damage at the end there, wouldve won if orb didnt kill me no good prize curse continues but damn was real close
  12. secretly upset that i dont have the best shiny azumarill in the team anymore but gratz yang
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