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  1. Well i did say "one of you better win" before i logged off i guess ill be taking the credit for this one
  2. classic kaynine gonna pick doubles when i have no doubles comps and dpp which ive never even looked at before
  3. lol people are so quick to say someones coached now adays. Even though im miles ahead of kaynine when it comes to skill, i can be the first to admit that ive played him many times (mostly in nu) and hes completley capable of making the right plays by himself. Id say if he actually puts the effort in making more comps for other tiers, he could be one of the top guys in mmo. Almost as good as me anyways
  4. id make fun of you for losing heracross but then i remembered i lost one too
  5. when your cradily wants to 2 hit vs slowking every single time, even when i was +2 oh well, still got the invite
  6. bring stubble back please
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