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  1. Gotta agree with Life's post, the support is usually real. Gotta love when you're battling enchanteur in the losers bracket and @NikhilR is shouting at you in team chat with caps lock on trying to force coach me like "DES MAN YOU GOTTA LISTEN TO ME". Got to a point where i had to tell him to shut up and luckily he did because i get confused when i think i'm making the right play and your middle eastern teammate is telling you to do something else.




  2. I'm still in this team, and I had to talk to a lot of people and it took a while for me to actually process that this wasn't a joke after all. Not gonna lie, i did enjoy the activity we were just starting to reach. We had about 13 people online when Murcielago won that Shiny Alakazam and about 6 LYLE entrees in that tourney. Even though i didn't play in that tourney, i still feel like i technically won something just because a teammate did.  I just recently came back to this game looking to get back in to the competitive scene or at least be as good as I was before. It just seemed like we were right on the verge of getting our constant TT wins that we deserved. Sucks this happened.

  3. Fun Fact:

    Between @NikhilR@BlackJovi@DoubleJ@KingBowser@raaidn@LifeStyle@KaynineXL@DoctorPBC and Myself

    We have a total of 108 official wins put together (including tag teams and gimmicks)

    And with those same players, in total, we have 201 final appearances
    Another Fun Fact: This list does not include the countless other players in the team with official wins, including the likes of Rendiz, JSTUD, yangsam and so on


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