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  1. i should probably stop giving you guys too many ideas
  2. DestructX

    [Rankings] The Best of PokeMMO

    Goddamnit JJ out of all people to blame
  3. Gotta agree with Life's post, the support is usually real. Gotta love when you're battling enchanteur in the losers bracket and @NikhilR is shouting at you in team chat with caps lock on trying to force coach me like "DES MAN YOU GOTTA LISTEN TO ME". Got to a point where i had to tell him to shut up and luckily he did because i get confused when i think i'm making the right play and your middle eastern teammate is telling you to do something else.
  4. Grats to Nik, even though he owes a thousand thanks to bluebreath for beating me and not letting me get to the finals LYLE op
  5. >gives nik manectric because its good vs sweetforu in uu >forms a team for xsparkie in nu >ends up playing sweet in nu im claiming niks win
  6. lol clear ur mailbox for gods sake

  7. when nik runs a full walrein swept team in the finals but his opponent didn't have one

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