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  1. KingBowser vs Excavalier in 10
  2. Yang won
  3. nobody has to give me anything, I thought yang wanted to play sunday, but anyhoo this activity win wont be fished for i'm online
  4. pretty sure that battle didnt even happen
  5. Best Overall player: DestructX Best OU player: Enchanteur Best UU player: DestructX Best NU player: Sejuanisupportl Best Doubles player: Gbwead Best DPP OU player: dont know about showdown and dont care about showdown Best SM OU player: dont know dont care Breakout player of the season: Moises Best pick/buy: DestructX Worst pick/buy: KaynineXL Best manager: Worst manager: id rather not be mean Meme player of the season: id rather not be mean
  6. Torin already took it but im feeling confident so ill take this one too
  7. The Brave Blazikens (0) vs The Machoke Artists (0) UU: DestructX vs yangsam (250k) UU: LeJovi vs Arimanius Doubles: LuisPocho vs EYL DPP: Kimikozen vs NikhilR The Driftveil Dragonites (0) vs The Hungry Salamences (0) UU: BurntZebra vs xSparkie UU: Predakiller vs Mlhawk NU: moisessss vs Kriliin SM: NataliaHeart vs Gunthug 100k each unless specified
  8. QB vs Belieber now
  9. Team Name: Los Mamacita Team Tag: LM Players: BurntZebra, DestructX, Lkrenz, ZDFire, Torinnnn Captain: BurntZebra
  10. ZDFire won And zebra just won
  11. 1 guy as in probably an LC player
  12. lf 1 more guy