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  1. @SuneetOwes me 100k I owe @JIceJDragon and @Parke 50k each
  2. ZDFire won, bad team match up, wasnt really prepared for spikes gg
  3. ZD is now on, but we will play after schuchty and kevola
  4. Looking for @DFire
  5. Me and ZD 2-3 hrs from this post
  6. Me vs ZDFire sometime Friday, or Saturday before TT. Accurate times i know
  7. You whispered me for a UU battle a while back I ended up winning but you didn't give the 50k until you won a bet on me vs someone else for a 100k wager
  8. looking for more battles
  9. Taking this. also taking your bet against me @JIceJDragon
  10. bump
  11. Me vs DiDiStutter after the above match
  12. @JIceJDragon 100k from PikachuKetchum vs Zymogen @Suneet 100k from Me vs Didi @LifeStyle 100k from Frags vs DoctorPBC
  13. Sure why not