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  1. Wow, did not expect to see this today. It's only been 4 years.
  2. Hmmm I give up friends this time I'm not gonna come back. o/ lets face it I will tho...
  3. Almost died today friends, was diggin in a shed for a replacement head light and the support beams caved in. Although the shed itself still stands so gotta fix it before the wind knocks it down, not sure how I'm gonna fix it though. Thoughts and opinions woul be nice edit: nvm got it, I'll use a bobcat for the replacement bean to lift it up and prop the shed up with the bucket of a tractor. Easy.
  4. I live in a college town, one of my favorite things to do during the winter is rev up my snowmobile in the middle of the night and just be a uguu. best reaction I've gotten was someone spray painting a uguu on the cement below my door.
  5. Since when did senile come back? pls make a thread for making the like counter come back
  6. jay, when are you gonna turn 21, I would send you a drink now but I ain't about the underage drinking charges
  7. I won't spoil it, but I know what happens in the comic book and I'm hoping it's not like the comic book
  8. Anyone seen captain America civil war yet? I'm goin at 12:30 and my pants are about to explode I've been wanting to go all weekend but, garage sales are great
  9. Make me executive I can fix anything now, only took me a week but I fixed that stupid fucking tractor and a mini bike in the side, anyone from Italy because this mini bike looks awesome, it's a benelli and from what I've read it was made in Italy? edit: i need to put more periods in sentences
  10. Anyone wanna buy a real tractor?(skump?) I've got roughly 100 and probably a little over 200 equipment to go with them. I've been working on them here and there and I've got 22 tractors fully operational with all original parts that I found but I'm runnin' out of spare parts so not sure what I'm gonna do, probably cannibalism a lot of them for parts I wanna rant so I'm gonna rant. My grandpa passed away a bit a go and left the family farm to his 8 kids, turns out none of them wanted the family farm and I said I would take it, So I got a 289 acre farm and a little under 300 real life tractors/trailors/ect (not the toys) to work on for probably the next 2 years. It's actually a lot of fun to bring these things back to life, none of them have been too hard until now which is why I got frustrated gave up and came here to rant. Turns out a broken piston on a tractor is pretty hard to fix. tl;dr I've got a lot of work to do. Although I don't think I've ever been happier, it's a lot of fun to me. Also has dennis done the deed yet?
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