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  1. Wow, did not expect to see this today. It's only been 4 years.
  2. 2013 march 10th still lookin' for dat OT shiny
  3. It sounds fun, and I would like it except it would like add another 2 hours to TT's
  4. I'm done with this, literally no one will sell a spot on there friends list for a secret base, besides the person you buy it from has to be on for you to take advantage of it.   I still see this is an opportunity to make a rather useless secret base become not as useless and even then it would become a money sink because people would trick out there bases, I know I would.   You're scraping the bottom so hard my ears are gonna bleed soon.
  5. Yeah they become something of importance rather then a failed money sink. If anything players would start to buy more stuff to trick out there bases for tournaments/HQ'S/ect I urge you to see the brighter side of this and just go with the flow for once because everyone else wants it...
  6. On a crapple pad so can't bold. 1.part 1-what's bad about people actually using a mechanic of the game that is otherwise useless? 2. Part 2-Easy fix-make secret bases only available to people after they've beat Kano and hoenn if your concern is "newer" players 3.part 3 see 2nd option it's a solution Also that spoiler pisses me off. It's unnecessary towards this discussion becsuse nobody has said "awwww man wobbo and magikarp can't learn secret power" so pretty much every Pokemon can learn it that you'll be using. As far as I can tell that spoilers only there to try and win side arguments in the bigger argument that you can't defend.
  7. So what is the main "problem" here with this suggestion. I think it's the best suggestion that has been made in a very long time, if this doesn't get implemented you might as well delete this whole forum section because obviously nothing else will. The only real argument I see and it's a stretch is payday farming/shiny hunting the people that bring 6 pp maxed Persians and hunt for 10k encounters are very few and far between and they deserve whatever amount of yen/shinies they get if they hunt that much. The pros out way the cons at least 100 to 1.
  8. Not true at all, officials can give you money if you pick the 800k~ shiny or the 20k battle points that you can sell for 1 mill+   Also if you hate rng how would battling in vermillion for a chance of losing your yen through rng help?
  9. So gambling will get you to duel more? might as well enter tournys then, rng is gambling afterall.
  10. Not sure if I like this idea, because it sounds like a cheap way for pro players to trick new comp people into losing their yen also >work for devs also all the good people will be rich within days, if they're not already. also a lot of salty plebs also if you d/c because of potato internet, not really fair imo
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