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  1. looking for pokemmo mods to remove animations   [spoiler]is it wrong for there to be such mods in existence?[/spoiler]
  2.   fuck man I'm so fucking sorry I didn't see it under the spoiler and thought that he was trying to make it and i was so confused since why the hell would he bother making it but now I saw that you made it I'm so terribly sorry I'll just need to stop talking I'm really sorry your signature is awesome you're probably beautiful too
  3.   yo that's pretty fucking awesome but did you just make some else's request? hardcore
  4. your sigs are amazing, if you feel like it pls make   Text: Pidgeysaurus Specific font you want used? something that looks good Specific renders/images/pokemon: just text, preferably. Any other details: Kinda make it look coppery metallic. if you add a background, please add one of those faded ones Gif: (Optional) no need
  5. oh damn this looks awesome   "pidgeysaurus" pls if you feel like it. whatever font you think looks best
  6. that signature of yours is noice

    1. Noad


      Thanks, this new guy made it. He is pretty good, you should check him out:

  7. yo plod-gey, mind for your next drawing of a person to upload a pic basic shapes that build up a person? I've been struggling to draw people in different postures so just wanna look at other peoples proportions. merci much
  8.   if I give you virtual likes will that help in any way? anyway youre doing the art, you do good shit, do it when you want, when you got the time. It's plod-gey's free sigs and art, they ain't paying anyway, you just doing it out the kindness of your heart
  9.   nah srs tho it cool, thanks anyway i guess
  10. ploegy my n if you find the times or if you feel like it, draw us a pidgeysaurus. Whatever you'd think a pidgeysaurus would look like. thonx 
  11.   That's probably a more efficient method, will try that, cheers. It's been so long since I last used that, completely forgot about it
  12.   fair enough, I use a level 65 breloom with lefties:   I false swipe first, it transforms into breloom I spore ditto I use ultra ball, it breaks, it wakes up and uses spore I can't wake up, it uses swords dance I can't wake up, it uses swords dance I can't wake up, it uses strength I can't wake up, it uses strength I use spore, it sleeps I throw ultra ball, it either works or breaks It's still asleep and I throw another ultra ball and by this time I'm cutting at my wrists. It usually ends here Go to pokecentre and repeat
  13.   brah u got mad rng skills, the rngesus must love you. Half of my ultra balls break ;_;
  14. If you are going to decrease the price, don't lower the catch rate. Dittos are the main issue. Assuming the statistics on this are correct, an ultra ball gives a catch rate of 54% for them at 1hp and sleep, and the ultra ball itself costs $1200. Lets say you catch 15 dittos, you're using something like 27 ultra balls, which is 32.4k. With the lack of sources of income, a recurring problem in different aspects of the game, it isn't all that practical. A repeat ball, with a catch rate of 81%, is more effective, and you'd be using roughly 18 repeat balls for 15 dittos, at 27k. That isn't a huge difference, and is still kind of pricy. In the original games, the repeat ball was priced at $1000. It'd be nice if it was decreased at least to that. Still, I'm glad that the repeat balls exist
  15. I always thought light bluey-grey was a nice colour for basic sketching, 
  16. Ploegy I love your shit (substituting the word stuff/paraphernalia/work/etc. for shit; would be easier if I just kept with the word stuff but nvm) how do you pronounce your name, dunno if i asked this before. Is it like say pidgey when you're drunk, and throwing an L in it too? so like ploodgeyyy? Can you make like a video to explain the step by step process or draw a picture or something? Ty
  17. if a parent holds it there's a 50% chance the offspring will be a fish
  18. In the past I was able to enjoy a more fulfilled life being able to control-click and send pokemon from my box into my inventory and vice versa. Unfortunately, on a mac, after the update, this isn't the case. Rather than moving my pokemon, the control-click is acknowledged on a mac as a right click, since macs don't have a bloody right click. Could you add to the controls the option to change the control key to something else so I can experience life to its maximum potential.   I don't know what I'm going to do now I have to drag stuff from my inventory. I need to clean my box but it seems too long. Without clearing my box, I can't catch new pokemon. Without catching new pokemon, I can't breed. Without breeding, I can't make new nicer pokemon. Without making new nicer pokemon, I can't obtain monies. Without obtaining monies, I have to resort to begging on the streets of Mauville. This is ruining my life pls help   1 like = 1 taco
  19. Nice idea, but the concept of losing a pokemon to create a new one. The concept of breeder pokemon would be removed, and that wouldn't be popular. When fusing it helps to create a single pokemon, but it takes an equal effort to create the next one. I'm probably not that clear with my explanation.   Building on your idea of pokefusions, I think when doing pokefusions you can make pokemon combination things so join a spearow to a pidgey to create a pidgrow which possesses the amazing qualities of a pidgey but additional moves such as drill peck and an altered appearance. Joining a pidgey to a spearow would create a speargey that would possess the crappy qualities of a spearow but the sex appeal of a pidgey. We could stick with pokemon in the same egg group or be more adventurous and create pokemon such as pidgeysaurus, the pidgey-tyranitar. It would have a completely new impact on the metalgame, if you think this should be put on a separate suggestion then I shall expand.   [spoiler]srsly tho ur devs pls brong pidgeysaursu into gaem itherwise ill cry[/spoiler]
  20. This guide is great thank you for making it
  21. i think there should be a mormon patch about mormon jesus
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