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  1. come back to us, flesh-eater~

  2. looking for pokemmo mods to remove animations   [spoiler]is it wrong for there to be such mods in existence?[/spoiler]
  3.   fuck man I'm so fucking sorry I didn't see it under the spoiler and thought that he was trying to make it and i was so confused since why the hell would he bother making it but now I saw that you made it I'm so terribly sorry I'll just need to stop talking I'm really sorry your signature is awesome you're probably beautiful too
  4.   yo that's pretty fucking awesome but did you just make some else's request? hardcore
  5. your sigs are amazing, if you feel like it pls make   Text: Pidgeysaurus Specific font you want used? something that looks good Specific renders/images/pokemon: just text, preferably. Any other details: Kinda make it look coppery metallic. if you add a background, please add one of those faded ones Gif: (Optional) no need
  6. oh damn this looks awesome   "pidgeysaurus" pls if you feel like it. whatever font you think looks best
  7. that signature of yours is noice

    1. Noad


      Thanks, this new guy made it. He is pretty good, you should check him out:

  8. yo plod-gey, mind for your next drawing of a person to upload a pic basic shapes that build up a person? I've been struggling to draw people in different postures so just wanna look at other peoples proportions. merci much
  9.   if I give you virtual likes will that help in any way? anyway youre doing the art, you do good shit, do it when you want, when you got the time. It's plod-gey's free sigs and art, they ain't paying anyway, you just doing it out the kindness of your heart
  10.   nah srs tho it cool, thanks anyway i guess
  11. ploegy my n if you find the times or if you feel like it, draw us a pidgeysaurus. Whatever you'd think a pidgeysaurus would look like. thonx 
  12. I'm mesmerized by your signature, I sat watching it for like 5 minutes. Halp me ;_;

    1. Pidgeysaurus


      haha I tried making a signature for the first time, will try to make it more trippy when I learn how to do the stuffs

    2. Tyrone


      I must agree with Noad. The sig is the best Ive ever seen.

  13.   That's probably a more efficient method, will try that, cheers. It's been so long since I last used that, completely forgot about it
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