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  1. Please correct original post: Havsha vs Mkns. He was substituted for Goon.
  2. edit: can't count
  3. Then ignore the first game, and make this a best of 7 for 1 mil.
  4. we are down by 1. talk to me when we're 1-1
  5. I already made a 5 million bet last week that my team wins, not voided by draws. Parke wants to make a 1 mil bet that he wins in case of a draw. See the difference?
  6. @yangsam paid 5 million. Hats off to the man with the biggest balls in this whole thread.
  7. Coming from a guy with no Voltorbs to bet on his own team winning. :)
  8. Taking. To clarify, you bet on gain train winning?
  9. What's the matter, changed your mind about betting on your own team? And you call yourself a man.
  10. It's safe to say that havs had the upper hand all game until the aggron choke
  11. it's ok. congrats for forfeiting game 2 when you had a theoretical chance to 2-0. good plays
  12. As if spectator-less games didn't tilt me enough already...