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  1. Or, you know, you just tell those noobs where to find the thread or subforum they need.
  2. No, we don't need season 9 because you are on the sideline for the rest of season 8. It's not in the spirit of PSL to promote a new season or another league while we have one at its most interesring stage. Plus, probably the main reason for the lack of funding in season 8 was not due to Zebra hosting, but because it happened too soon before 7. We need some breaks in between, to let people miss it first, then build some hype and funding.
  3. He can be removed from the lineup if necessary @BurntZebra. He hasn't been used in his best tier yet.
  4. Didn't you make finals once?
  5. Cath's sign up was pretty much hyped in the midseason thread. I had no idea who he was at that point but found out after asking people what the hype was about. Pretty sure it's not a shinytailow incident.
  6. @LKrenz better lineup was frags in ou1 and xsparkie in uu.
  7. So 3 terrible runs count you out too, right?
  8. It never happened bro what are you on?
  9. In that case delay the deadline too imo.
  10. So let's let these boys have their 3v3 and post the damn semis?
  11. Dragonites can pull a huge comeback.
  12. So daryl's timer won't go below 2 minutes y/n?
  13. Taking Fipp.
  14. It's more about high end players wanting to play safe. A long game favors the more experienced player, so it is understandable why most players resort to walls. Aggression is very hard to pull off, but it can find its way through the walliest teams.
  15. Yeah, let's blame a tier for the players' inability to bring wallbreakers.