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  1. Maybe the tier selection should actually be done AFTER player sign-ups, depending on what is played or not. Also recommending player sign-ups to be based on one main tier and as many secondary ones. Helps the players and the managers.
  2. I have to disagree here. Swiss is best used in events with a large number of participants as an elegant alternative to the messy double elimination format. In a league envieonment, round robin is by far the most efficient format.
  3. man where romania at
  4. i want to see him bench lion
  5. What is the point of polls if the results aren't taken into account?
  6. IGN: OldKeith PokeMMO Team: Leader of [LYAU] - merged team of former teams LYLE and AURA; Previous member of [VALE], got kicked out for poor competitive results. Experience: Took part in 5 out of 7 PSLs as player. Won under Gunthug, also won the best player award last season for a tier played by three people. I'm good. Motivation: Despite not playing Pokemmo anymore, I still have eyes and ears within the competitive community and like to keep track of what's going on every now and then. Having been a player in most PSL seasons, I learned about the various types of players, from the skillful and reliable to the lazy and under performing, all combinations in between. I have a mind map of what kind of players would make a great team, and I know just how to use them, taking other teams into account (something that too few managers have been doing over the past seasons). It's been 7 seasons and I think it's time PSL finally saw Keith as a manager. Fluff: Competitive to the bone, ready to fight anyone I must in a civil manner. While some sad mouths bring me up as being inactive, I'd like to point out that I arranged all my matches on time during my entire PSL history, never going inactive during any season under any excuse. And I learned which players do the same. I'm ready to assemble the best and crush mountains.
  7. Well, with the last transfer window being midseason, i think that would solve this issue also.
  8. Well, if the host needs an executioner who is not playing the game and can take any amount of heat, contact my agent.
  9. Alright. Missed my chance to post my feedback of the previous PSL, so I will post in this thread. Obviously, this is in the hopes of creating a better season 8, although 7 was really good. So hold your horses for a long read. First of all, VGC was, contrary to my first belief, a mistake. Why? Because VGC is a completely different game than anything being played in pokemmo. Don't say it resembles doubles because it does not resemble it that much. The problem with this was that there were only three people in the whole competition that take part in live events: myself, Bluebreath and Imabe. The tier became a joke to most teams, as they would gladly give up hopes on winning the VGC game while solidifying other areas, mainly pokemmo tiers. There was nothing to learn for the experienced players, while the mascots from other teams would just spam the showdown chat for a team and play it without even practising. And I don't blame them for that. It takes a damn long time of sustained practice to get good at the tier. No way you could learn it within a few weeks leading to PSL. Second of all, there were too many attacks on the host, and not enough action taken back. There is a fine limit between trash talking, witty sarcasm and straight up calling a hard working, capable guy an idiot. Even if the host is wrong in his decision, he must be respected. There need to be penalties for insults, ranging from a 1 week suspension, to 3 then exclusion from the whole PSL season. If I was the host, I don't care that forfiter and gbwead are my friends. I'd ban them for the whole season. Third of all, transfers. It was a big mess. I can't remember how many times Orange joined our team. The transfer or draft (however you muricans prefer) was a big mess and the only major flaw in the season. Fortunately, the fix can be simple, in 2 aspects: 1. Only allow two transfer windows: one before the first week thread is posted. And the second one during the midseason break week. Pretty straighforward, and I am sure this happens in quite a few sports. 2. Only allow a player to switch teams once. That also means if X is transferred from team 1 to team 2, he cannot be traded back to team 1. Finally, I respect Orange ever since we were in the tier council. Very smart guy, probably the best reasoning skills from all the tier council at the time. But I don't want his example to be a precedent for players quitting teams if there is an argument with a manager. I am not sure if him being allowed to play is going to encourage this behaviour. This is a delicate subject and is up to the host These are my thoughts, once again grats to JJ for hosting. I am pretty sure that season accelerated his hair greying process. Well done for hosting. As for me playing, I probably will do some showdown tier, although I will probably not focus as much on it. Also Zebra is a uguu most of the time sometimes, but he is good enough for a host, so you have the blessing of the VGC masta. TLDR: No VGC please, punish personal attacks, control the transfer madness. Edit: typos
  10. It never materialized...
  11. Incorrect. Quest warrior is unfavored if the quest rogue doesn't overextend into aoe. Sure, two rats might win the game for warrior. One rat, unlikely but possible. Gotta keep in mind that elemental quest rogue outvalues the slow quest warriors. Also, unrelated, I guess I am a professional hearthstone player now:
  12. Freeze dream lives on!
  13. That episode was one of the most satisfying in the series. I actually thought the series ended there with Jack getting through the portal as an implied ending. I watched season 5 and I have not been disappointed yet. The unique contour-less, dream-like art is unchanged. The action is intense, and the villains that appeared so far have been really memorable (the music guy and the daughters of aku and their mentor). On top of that the soundtrack is amazing and I particularly liked the bit where jack was hiding in a tomb from the 7 girls. The series got a bit more mature, I feel, while maintaining an overwhelming amount of the original elements that made the first four seasons brilliant. Watch it guys, before youtube takes the episodes down!
  14. Time to revitalize this. I am trying to reach legend with Freeze mage in a format in which it is actually viable, Wild. Any of you guys playing wild?
  15. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7vgc2017-545250814 vgc games last 7-10 turns max