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  1. Or, you know, you just tell those noobs where to find the thread or subforum they need.
  2. I will quote Senile. Completely inaccurate quote but same idea: "if you can increase your winning odds by 1%, there is no reason not to do it". He said that during times when breeding was really hard. Now it's not even hard to get a perfect comp.
  3. and lose to someone who has 31 defense surviving on 1 hp ^^
  4. Cabba is more of a girl than the two.
  5. This is accurate, however you have to think about complex spreads: What if people want to invest in 5 stats? Then 5x31 will just have an edge over a lesser good comp. And because making a 5x31 is pretty easy these days, why not go for it?
  6. Pretty underwhelming tournament so far. It has failed to convey the feeling of a battle royale, it's another series of small isolated battles. No real strategic planning of teams, a real sense of positioning, just a couple of predictable, small size brawls that appeal to nostalgia to hide a lack of commitment for the series. I will still watch it, but the buildup was too slow for something this flat.
  7. VGC is the only official format of the 3DS Pokemon games. Qualifying for worlds requires you to gather a certain amount of championship points, depending on the region you are in. Ranking (biggest to smallest): WORLDS (requires qualifying) International (4 per season) Regional Midseason Showdown Premier Challenge I will post here every time a new big tournament is announced. So far, there is only Liverpool Regional on the 29th and 30th of July 2017. Participants from mmo: @Parke @OldKeith Wish us good luck!
  8. Welcome back. I appreciate your enthusiasm to help the community, but there are a few things wrong in your video: You mentioned that the non-braced iv is averaged. But this is inaccurate: It can also be inherited from either parent. Also, it is important to specify that the average is rounded down, always. You also claimed that 30 iv is the same as 31. This is only true for uninvested stats. I know you wanted to keep it simple for one video, but not mentioning the natures is not the best idea. I would also like to ask who this video is targeted for. If it is f
  9. Buff Blissey, nerf Dugtrio, delete Magneton.
  10. As if spectator-less games didn't tilt me enough already...
  11. I thing portable balloons are a great idea. I am fond of them because they bring back memories of my favorite childhood game, gta san andreas
  12. Best stuff i have read from you in a while. Killing it.
  13. Possibly the best theme to have graced the Dragonball English series, and the best cover to it.
  14. Incorrect. Quest warrior is unfavored if the quest rogue doesn't overextend into aoe. Sure, two rats might win the game for warrior. One rat, unlikely but possible. Gotta keep in mind that elemental quest rogue outvalues the slow quest warriors. Also, unrelated, I guess I am a professional hearthstone player now:
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