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  1. Well while he won vs me, he didn't go 2-0 for weeks 2 to 7.
  2. How? Also thanks for the award, very cool sigs!
  3. Freeze dream lives on!
  4. The title of the thread forgot to mention it actually kills hype.
  5. That episode was one of the most satisfying in the series. I actually thought the series ended there with Jack getting through the portal as an implied ending. I watched season 5 and I have not been disappointed yet. The unique contour-less, dream-like art is unchanged. The action is intense, and the villains that appeared so far have been really memorable (the music guy and the daughters of aku and their mentor). On top of that the soundtrack is amazing and I particularly liked the bit where jack was hiding in a tomb from the 7 girls. The series got a bit more mature, I feel, while maintaining an overwhelming amount of the original elements that made the first four seasons brilliant. Watch it guys, before youtube takes the episodes down!
  6. Why are the player awards given before the end of the competition? A lot of players are still tied.
  7. The lack of spacing in the title disturbs me. Zehkar why?
  8. Time to revitalize this. I am trying to reach legend with Freeze mage in a format in which it is actually viable, Wild. Any of you guys playing wild?
  9. u mean up here lol edit: works both ways i guess
  10. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7vgc2017-545250814 vgc games last 7-10 turns max
  11. It's ironic how you only ever hear those worlds from unaccomplished players.
  12. Looking for updated usage statistics for this one, but for now I can't see how a pokemon that is too slow to go on a sweep can be even considered for a ban under offensive characteristics.
  13. how many psl 7 threads did you see while psl 6 was ongoing?
  14. If this really is serious at least have the decency to wait for the real thing to end...