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  1. I can't believe how many idiotic replies i got for giving on honest gold critic. but haters gonna hate. so gonna answer some of dumb responses About Legendries being added - if you so worried bout them being sold. just do them like you did masterball make sure they cant be sold. cant be traded can be used for pvp. problems any points made after this is invalded as far pvp balience is conserned don't see it hurting all that much. regi's are all trash. dogs and birds only thats good is flying electric one. moltlross. gen 5 dears of justice all bad. only 3 genjis where good when they had there forms. however big ones only ones ppl really worried about is heonn legendries, mewtwo and even dragon legendries in gen 5 not all that great only good legendries in 4 dragon steel one guys put overstatement how powerful legendries are when a bidoof can sweep whole lot of them, if they cant be traded or cant be used for pvp. its not hurting anything. your agruement means nothing Pokemmo fanboys need get over yourself this game isn't without its flaws no game is. I love to see this game approve. anyone. only reason why doesn't we have much of cry-babies who cant handle any criticism when it evolves this game. instead of trying brown nose the devs give you free shiny how about trying help them come with way they can make the game better instead ruining it for everyone else look here not gonna call something ugly beautiful simply because I dont want hurt anyone's feelings to heck with your feelings or fact that your brown nosing for cause want free shinies if not here try make this game and community better then get hell out my post. there are people care this games future, and want see great things happen. for that to happen communication is key. not only care but put money in this game future. dont got no time for selfish childish crap when something wrong with the game let devs know so they can fix it. dont ignore it don't say shit. dont tell be quiet when clearly game devs aren't listening. by telling people not to speak up your basically cancer to growthe of this game when they have conserns and critism Rendude, thanks for your counter agruement so ill explain mine Everyone is different everyone has different meaning what pokemon end game is. no its not officially just pvp. its not everything side quests content to do most pokemon games have pvb post game, getting that legendry was apart of that post game, or breeding whatever. your wrong about that Second - Hear this alot "Johto doesn't add much" no your completely wrong here way. thats only game where had total 16 gym battles. was only game where you could fight red demon himself. Johto story is enough alone to add it to game instead of having all its pokemon scattered, team battles? worried about it being same as kento just make everyone super hard call it super johto or something PROBLEM Solved region that is known to be hardiest is series. show some respect clearly anyone who says Johto doesn't add much never fully played gen 2 have . clearly never ever played and finished gen 2 stay in your line kid dont go acting like you know what gen 2 is about never ever touched it yourself
  2. What makes anyone believe even working on anything as we speak.
  3. Gonna be blunt - List below - Balancing both pvp/pve the same this needs to stop there two different things dont follow same rules shouldn't follow tournament rules regularations. those are things should only exist for pvp and pvp alone - balancing the game purely on pvp <-stop doing this - Removing Legendries - we do not need anything special. if worried about them effecting pvp then make it so they cant be used in pvp. but perfectly fine to get them use them in pve, cause pvp isn't pve not the same never should be - Hidden Abilities - just should be added gained normally no need make super special dungeon. we got players who are completely new to pokemon. taking both legendries and hidden abilities out. again shows this game is purely baised when comes to pvp. doesn't care for pvb content what made organial games enjoyable. - To many functions not functioning al this moment - Not adding Johto and not showing any love for pokemon in general. - never communicating or talking about future updates or is if there is gonna be any future updates at all. - Heonn looking awful needing visual update These are major issues with current game. as far as im concerned couldn't care about pvp. its got enough attention lately we need focus on things make a pokemon game. not take things away. that the devs personally don't like cause pokemon community as whole. we all have different opinions what are favorite starter is this can be said about our favorite regions. shouldnt disrespect people have love for pokemon games - When say your gonna do something like add hidden abilities, legendries and what not its important that you talk to the communities that support your game. get nothing but silence. no teasers or any hints of the future my friends play this game with me often get questions tossed at me. like why dont we have legendries or have hidden abilities my reply to them cause this game balience around pvp. is against any type of casual fun.
  4. This is so post extreme hard mode. so so gym leaders/trainers all must have super hard teams uber levels
  5. Super Brook - 6 Pokemon Tyranitar Gigalith Steelix Excadrill (Sandrush) Golem Garchomp Mysty - Seadra Politoad (Drizzle) Pelipper (Drizzle) Lucicolo Kabutops Swampert Surge - Pikachu - Light-orb - Fake-Out, Extreme Speed, Surf and Volt tackle Jolteon Roton - Frost Roton - Grass Elecktross - Magnetzone
  6. Let me give you little Pokémon completive history lesson - there was reason why these pokemon in there history was pushed into ubers. some-point most of that. they managed to do just fine. in that teir. however pokemon mmo is different. we don't have legendries probably never will . that is perfectly fine. rather not have lugia, ho-ho other legendries recking havoc. however it proven in past exadrills sandrush abilitie was way too strong and then it was forced into ubers. as long didn't have sand-rush ability it was fine stay in OU. however t-tyr is whole different problem all together have super busted pokemon. having all right abilities right places. T-tyr has found itself in ubers few times in the past cause of fact we have no legendries and fact t-tyr is a threat and makes pvp unfun in ou. it should be immensity banned. same can be said about other pokemon. unhealthy pvp isn't acceptable. when 20-30 every person team has one of pokemon listed in there team. it creates a unfun pvp experence. everyone using same thing. there was reason why these mons put into ubers in past in first place
  7. Tyrantar - this game doesn't have any legendries uber teir only has one pokemon. shouldn't go into how powerful this pokemon is but sense we may have people who do not know. ill explain its ability is sand-stream this pokemon also has rock type so gains massive boost to special defense - Exadrill <Sand Rush> - Exadrill in ou without sand rush is fine. but when it has sand rush its an uber without a doubt. this thing can sweep teams with ease - ban from ou- Metagross - Ban from ou - this thing is really op only has few threats Garchomp - Ban From ou - this pokemon has been overly used almost every team ive come across. Hydreigon/Volcarona - Both Ban from ou being to powerful for ou Time put some pokemon where they belong sense these this game doesn't have ubers mons probably never will its type make some
  8. Soul Silver/Heart Gold have much better design and story have total of 16 gyms. get to experence both kento and johto region. and get battle red - all this johtotommorow non-sense put to end. do not see the point keeping fire-red rom in when Soul Silver/Heart Gold has everything + some. and still get experence kento region in a whole
  9. Black and White 2 is the same. after beating Shinnoh and unova. you can do unova again this time its twice as hard trainers battles are bit buffed and ai main thing here you can do these as much times as you want if want start whole johto/unova story all over again after completing you can, doing rence watch and repeat
  10. Afterbeating pokemon kento and heonn Johto opinion will come up read below New NPC will appear travel to different region - this npc will only show up after being Kento/heonn elite 4 Johto Hardcore - Johto is made to be hardiest region in pokemon mmo. all trainer battles have improved ai. i mean this is pokemon game where you fight all 16 gym leaders johto to kento. this time around it isn't as easy as it was first adventure in kento. besides you fight your final boss "Red"
  11. Dreamworld - is Place where you and single individual Pokémon have sent to dreamward battle - in dream world Pokémon happiness is earned a lot quicker and Pokémon earns a lot more experience. then usual would winning battles - all random encounters and Pokémon trainer battles in dream world are equal to Pokémon you sent in. sometimes win random items when fight in here. capturing Pokémon in a Pokémon dreamward. isn't allowed upon completing dream word you get TMs EV Medication or Mystery boxs You can take friends with you into your pokemon dreamworld but they must follow 3 basic rules 1. each player must only have 1 Pokémon in there team 2. rewards slightly increased when do these areas with friends 3, happiness of the pokemon put the sleep will increase every battle you win in the world. completing a dream world give everyone mystery box you can easily 0-100% Pokémon's happiness by simply doing this once pokemon reaches 100% happiness they can no longer be used enter dream world losing in the dreamworld results not being able to re-enter 24 hours in reallife
  12. Nuzlocke-ish kinda. however there is difference between what am suggesting and nuzlocke. don't see why they cant add a hardcore pvb mode to the game more alterivative things ppl can do in spare time outside of usual
  13. This is big undertaking so my suggestion is make do these slow and study updates. Players get a Deep Dungeon Level in trainer card - every time you complete a deep dungeon you gain deep dungeon experience. there trainer with level100 Pokémon fits the theme of the dungeon and defeating them also give you deep dungeon experience. at End of Each Dungeon you fight a Legendry Boss (No you cannot Capture it completely random when fight it) beating boss will also give you "Battle Points" First Three Should Be Fire, Grass and Water - in these deep dungeons you only face those type Pokémon. you only catch those type of Pokémon. when complete deep dungeon. final score is revealed. and score be added to your deep dungeon pve experience Every time you level up in deep dungeon you can get items. ev increasing items sometimes Pokémon. however dungeons themselves about size of a gym and have only 15 mins get highest score possible You can queue these up like you do pvp. make sure have at least 4 Pokémon that are level 100 cause if you wipe its over have ideal to use games resources. t Also Make Deep Dungeons Gym Battles with legendry at end to fight and slay
  14. Hardcore Rules - 1. Global Trade is Disabled. no longer sell or trade items to players or get pokemon from mail 2. Your Starter Pokemon is -> Kento - Pichu Level 1 (holding a lightball) Heonn - Zigzagoon level 1 (holding silk scarf) Shinnoh - Happiny (holding a Oval Stone) Unova - Tyrogue Level 1 (holding Quickclaw) 3. If your Pokémon dies more then 5 times its perma-dead gone deleted. pvp battles do not count if hav 4. unable to use healing items in battle- equiping items is fine 5. level cap reduced between per badge - meaning max level your pokemon can be is 56 instead of 62 when do battles important battles are 300% more harder and all trainer battles enemy trainer at least 31 IVs in 3 stats and max EVs expect a lot casualities of war 6. unable to breed pokemon in this mode all pokemon with high IVs must be found in wild This mode is for elite of elite. hardiest of the hardiest Hardcore - Pokemon Have Hidden Abilties. chances of you finding 31+ IV mons are silently increased. Idea for pokemon mmo whole idea of this hardcore is for you die over and over and over again very frustratingly hard mode Completing this mode gives - Pokemon Master Outfit to all your future character creation mail. and pokemon Master Badge- all your accounts watch increases shiny chances by 10% and 5% more chance find pokemon high IVs
  15. Prove that these moves kinda existed Ice Hammer - https://pokemondb.net/move/ice-hammer Glacial Lance https://pokemondb.net/move/glacial-lance Rock type move https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Meteor_Beam_(move) Fighting - https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Quick_Guard_(move) Steel https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shelter_(move) https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/King's_Shield_(move) https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Steel_Roller_(move) Poison https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Purify_(move) https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Toxic_Thread_(move) https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Venom_Drench_(move) only difference is i town them down a bit
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