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  1. Hello Dear Admin, I love Pokémon, I play by the rules, I am actively involved in the community, I have never violated the rules of the game, I have never bought coins, I have always loved this game, and I have recently I haven't played the game online much, I just went online today and met a friend who bought the wrong thing and sold it to me at a low price. The price difference is very small, I hope Mr. Admin can help . My work order number is # 185022 I really love pokemmo and haven’t done anything illegal. Please help me with the administrator I started playing pokemmo on April 12th, I was basically online one day a day, I loved POKEMMO, until May 2nd, I was tied to the system for cash transactions, but I never had cash transactions, the game of things I worked hard to play every day, it’s closed before the 10th anniversary, I don’t understand, please don’t reply to me, please don’t reply to me, go to the official website to apply for the work list, I have already applied, ask the senior management to give me a reply, thank the management, thank the community, thank you, pokemmo each player, thank you, too, pokemmo, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll take it, after all, it gave me a good time for a short time, I really enjoyed playing Pokemmo, and I really didn’t do any cash business, My work order number is # 185022 My work order number is # 185022 My work order number is # 185022 不要删我的帖子 官方乱封号 还删我帖子 是看不起中国人吗? 请问 请直面回答我 不然我一直发
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