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  1. please make the pokemon battle sprites just like the BW one, Full body(back sprite) sprites not just half body of the pokemon or maybe someone had the patch like this : if someone had the patch please message or give me the link here :) PLEASEE!!
  2. I cannot find the Moemon Revival Project 1.5 Download link...  @[email protected] help me  
  3. gead

    Riding a Pokemon

    hahaha sounds cool :D maybe for 1000 rp, in order to make it kinda rare xD   aww, i can help it with the spriting tho xD if they recruit me hahaha
  4. gead

    Riding a Pokemon

    guys please take a look and share what you think about this idea :) sprite: Implementation:   i really want this to happened in pokeMMO, something like this would be cool as hell xD.. but not all pokemon is 'rideable' the requirements would be : - pokemon must be at its final evoution tier OR - a pokemon must have a certain size(weigh or height) to be rideable   and also, u can gain an extra speed just like a bike or maybe even faster than bike, for a certain pokemon, like Rapidash, u can clearly see that it is superfast when it comes to running, sadly jolteon isn't ridealbe because of its size.. and maybe u can ride a steelix or swampert, but with normal speed just like walking (we riding a pokemon who cares with speed?!).. and yeah in order to make ur pokemon rideable, u need to train it to some NPC and costs some money or u can just purchase an 'item' and give it to the following pokemon and *poof* u can now ride the following pokemon.   with this riding thing implemented in the game, there will be a new way of fashion!   PS: i'm so sorry for my Terrible english xD i just want to share my tought, and if this idea has been suggested earlier, just lock it right away.. THX~
  5. gead

    Vanity Thread

    Slot/Type : MASK Image : i just drew this using MsPaint :)
  6. yeah the game would be way more realistic if the shadows and reflection is there! :D   and yeah, shinies deserve more than just a different color set, they NEED sparkles since they are 'shinies' hahahha     and btw i'm suggesting this because maybe u guys are walking with your shinies which its color-set is not too different than the non-shiny one(like Squirtles and its evolutions) and not too statisfied because there's no big difference in them (people would barely notice if that is a shiny), so with sparkles or something that would pleases the eye would be so much more interesting for them
  7. Sorry guys, idk if someone had already suggested this idea... but i just really want this to happen in PokeMMO   Suggestions : - Make our Character and pokemon reflection on the water, whenever we're near the water or while surfing. - Make our Character and pokemon to cast a shadow at the ground. - Put an extra graphical effect on the shinies whenever they are following us, like sparkles or anything that would please the eyes. PS: Sorry for my bad english, and also if its a repost please delete this thread thx! :D Long Live PokeMMO!!!!
  8. Nice guide.. but i just really want to know what patch did u use for ur environment.. it looks like a DS environment... i hope u could share me the link :)
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