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  1. Saw this one 9gag, can't stop thinking of Nik now... http://comment-cdn.9gag.com/image?ref=9gag.com#http://img-comment-fun.9cache.com/media/1002102b141701914835025741_700wa_0.gif
  2. ATTENTION @YettoDie The day has come where you will have to find a new right hand of team NFE, it has been a amazing run my boy!!!! You have helped me through so many tough situations which had let me hit all the importent milestone which has led me to this point. All dese celebrations we have had together every time a girl have shown she knew we existed has been one of the best part of my life... So because of that I feel very sorry about not anymore fullfilling the criteria for team NFE. Good luck with the team in the future my boi <3 #seeyouontheotherside
  3. but isn't it vitamins bought for battle points this thread is all about? or are there something i dont get?
  4. But usually inflation isn't a thing for non-tradeale things...
  5. Maybe he is capable of making right plays, but I was still the person whom coached him to win two 128 mans in row
  6. Now has pokemon Go hit denmark too, and i can't decide which hunt i should go for anymore ;_;
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