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  1. Sorry for no Updates since my last Update. Had a lot of stuff to do IRL and I'm not at home until Saturday.   @Zzoom I could but you would have still to do a lot of work with the dialogs. I'll try to get some free time next week so I can keep going with the Translations. I'll try to get some more Versions then too.   To explain for you why it would end up in probably a lot of work for you using my tool: My tool doesn't pick out the specific areas like "dialogs", "attacks" etc by itself. I need to extract them manually first and to set up the Offset so my Tool can finish up the "biggest" job by replacing everything, using the translation-table on it, deleting every unnecessary line etc.   Reason why I need to pick out all the areas manually is that every version uses a different offset (within a certain range yeah, but still a complete different offset) for each area because the data is sometimes a bit larger and sometimes a bit smaller like a sentence in different languages.   But I'll try to get your request done as soon as possible. ^^   Best regards, Vahritos / Jyntax
  2. Update 7th April 2014       Spanish will be updated in the next few days. Spend the last 4 hours on frensh and need a break for now.
  3. Currently I'm working on the Namecalls. I found 3 Namecalls, so there are just 3 more Namecalls I need to figure out. As soon as I'm done with it I'll release the next Version.   Status on the 6 Namecalls:   1. Player = Not working 2. Rival = Not working 3. Pokemonnames = Working 4. Item & TM/VM Names = Working 5. Numbers = Working 6. Not figured out yet.   If I atleast figure out the 6th Namecall I'll maybe make a new release.   EDIT:   K just went to a spot where the 6th Namecall would pop up (1 of 2 spots) and there is nothing because.... You start with the boots so the Assistant of Prof Oak won't give them to you (missing string). The 2nd spot for the namecall to pop up is the Link Station for Trades and Battles between friends. So again nothing to see there.    So in short: I'll work on the new release now.
  4. Edited a VERY IMPORTANT NOTE! into the first posting of this thread. A User thought it would be cool to use my work and say HE would have translated Pokemmo for about 98% or something like that without even mention my work on it.   Verdep if you read this I don't talk about you. You asked me and you're giving me credits for the strings. So everything is fine. ^^
  5. You can, but you should make a backup first. Best would be to make a folder called "insert your themename here" and just copy paste everything inside there if you want to change everything.   If you just want to change a few things you should take a look at this thread: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/27073-creating-new-themes/   Just to mention it. Never edit stuff if you don't have a back up of the file yet.
  6. The Themes folder is the GUI Folder.
  7. What's on my mind? Ehm don't know. Thinking about changing my profile name, but don't know how xD

  8. Sorry for double post but:   Got my programm done now. Can get all the data out of every rom now without bigger problems.    Now comes the downside. Somehow the game doesn't recognize other strings beside the dialogs. Even so the development of pokemmo stated the stringfile to be able too. So gonna keep an eye on it and try this and that the next few days.   Wish me luck cause if this works we might get close to a 100% multi-language Pokemmo.
  9. Exactly like Greck said. ^^ I don't know how the calls for the Items etc are named. That's why I use a replacement for them at the moment. I already asked the Staff in the language Support Thread about it, but I didn't get an answere yet.
  10. Hello everyone,   I'm Vahritos 23 years old and actually I'm not playing pokemmo to much. Every now and then for a while. What keeps me here is that I like it to work and as some of you know I'm working on a multi language translation. Besides that I also want to get more knowledge about creating designes for In-Game UIs.   I'm aiming to become an IT specialist for application development and on the way I want also to become a known livestreamer on Twitch.tv. At the moment I'm not streaming because my computer isn't good enough for it but I'm working on it.   I hope to help some of you with my translation project and that I get some nice UIs done for you all.   Best regards, Vahritos.
  11. Got my Script done so far. Now I'll just need to feed it with some data and tidy up the created string-file afterwards. Gonna aim to finish this update next weekend. Working on some otherstuff this weekend. (like a 100% Achievement Guide for FFVIII).
  12. Sure go ahead. ^^ Thanks for the bugreport. I got freetime this friday and gonna work on an update then. ^^
  13. Ah I see. Sure. I'll add the english file as soon as I update the current files with attacknames etc because I gonna expand this thread into a generell multi-language translation thread.
  14.   My question would be what for? I mean the game is already in english.
  15. Didn't find an italian rom yet and if I'm not wrong it would be against the forum rules to post a link to a rom on the forum. So this will take a bit longer.
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