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  1.           Thanks guys :3     Edit: W.t.f just noticed was on the wrong account, that sucks
  2. I agree, Reflect, Light Screen and if possible stat change counters, show if attack is boosted to +2 by a swords dance, etc
  3. Yes but somethings are not that logical, fighting is super effective against dark, ice is super effective against dragon, and some newbies can make a confusion with that
  4. +1   It would save sometime it would take googling, seriously, why not?
  5. none uses pin missile / bullet seed so yes; idk how many pokemanz have acess to Hi Jump Kick, so Idk
  6. I agree, its a sucky idea ._. Forget about kingdra
  7. Basically, give them a reason to use it, its just inferior to Dragon Claw, only 10+ power than Dragon Claw isn't enough to make people use it, Outrage trapps you, if opponent switches to a scizor you are dead, with 90 base power only don't make you really sweep, even with STAB, also because its a Special move, I think 120 base power wouldn't be that OP since only special variants of Salamence/Dragonite would use it anyway, maybe some arcanine but it wouldn't be that OP. what do you guys think
  8. Yeah, I have fun with mewtwo :3 I usually hunt 4him when im bored
  9. Chest thats not the same thing.. you suggested 15mins without any challenges, im suggesting just a cooldown while the same people must wait 15-20secs before challenging him again
  10. Yeah, when you "lose" then you back to pokemon center, but if you stall him till hes forced to end battle by AFK you stay on the cave, or they will do that or they will disconnect   Edit: also its used for other MMOs, to rebattle the Global Boss you must wait some seconds
  11. Im not the only one that would get annoyed by someone just stalkin and challengin' you every step
  12. Yeah.. today I just found an damn kid, I beat him once, but when that was on his last poke he just afk'd and I won by afk, ok, but before I could do a single step, he challenged me again.. multiple times. thats so annoying, I made a topic about that on General Disussion, I was thinking if that could be botting since I COULD NOT GIVE ONE DAMN STEP BEFORE GETTING CHALLENGED. plz staff make this happen..
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