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  1. Thanks guys :3 Edit: W.t.f just noticed was on the wrong account, that sucks
  2. I agree, Reflect, Light Screen and if possible stat change counters, show if attack is boosted to +2 by a swords dance, etc
  3. Yes but somethings are not that logical, fighting is super effective against dark, ice is super effective against dragon, and some newbies can make a confusion with that
  4. +1 It would save sometime it would take googling, seriously, why not?
  5. Love u sigs ;o thanks for the first one u made, I didn't saw it before. can u make me another one pris :o Character: Kira (Death Note) Name: DaedalusBurst Team: Anything else:
  6. Text: DaedalusBurst Pokemon: Shiny Gastly Team: Animated: Yes if possible
  7. Draw me something like that: and with text: U Mad Bro?
  8. Set as default option at the Name Rater, to setting pokemons to default nickname, I think would be a nice feature, specially to setting back Shinies nicknames, so we dont need to make things like that: To show off its shiness Pros: Cool looking shinies in-battles, its not fucked up because some punk wanted to nickname it before selling you Cons: None
  9. Pokemn > Absol - mega if possibru Colors > Whatever fits Name > DaedalusBurst Team? > PzBR Anything Else?
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