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  1. I've installed HD Version on my Android phone just now. There were no glitch/ crashes when uploading, except the black screen which means it's patching/ loading the mod into your phone & after uploading it'll be gone automatically (same meaning if the game sceen hangs, just wait few mins). Note: do not Unzip the file ever, just add it on the "add mod" right after downloading from settings menu. And click on save icon after you see the below screen (pic 1). Freaking Awesome as everyone said. PokeDox isn't a big issue as you don't need to see that pokemon sprite, better see them on the battle hahaha.
  2. Please give us more crazy awesome mods like this! It won't have to be tgat big, just small mods would do.
  3. Dude you just MADE MY DAY! I can't believe this is available for Mobile!!! OMG! You just made this game 1000x better than all freaking "Monster spam" games in Play Store! You don't even know it.
  4. Please only do Live Streamings on YouTube instead of posting saved videos. Link your YouTube here so we can Subscribe & see you when you come Live with Pokemmo! Maybe do "Newbie challenges & duels" like other streamers! For example, Give Aways and... at the end of the streams with the subscriber who was active from the beginning of the streaming.
  5. Please add/ update more awesome mods for Android. Specially the theme mod! Thanks.
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