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  1. Team Name: KnightsOfBushido Team Tag: Kobs Registered Players:Spxter, Sonicdash, kloneman Team Captain: kloneman
  2. When taking relatively long walks, I get some pain in my lower back, mainly on the right side. What do
  3. Probably will never happen. They wanted to avoid overflow on the servers, so they send you on a server Y that dosen't have as many people on X, and so on.
  4. Ops, forgot about the option part, my bad. Either way, it seems unneccesary to me.
  5. Rather not, it would look unprofessional. New players would get confused why their game closed after having his/her dinner, and then we would get a bunch of reports saying their client closed for no reason. You should close the client first next time you go afk : s
  6. ftfy Edit: There is quite many spelling errors, but i'm just gonna ignore that for now.
  7. I'd like this, but i'm interested if there are any downsides with this first.
  8. It's a neat idea, but the idea of recycling the pokemon to get TMs? That's just odd to me.
  9. Pokemon recycler lol. What a funny image. I personally think this idea is too flawed, and might take incredible long time to perfect it. Even so, who would wanna recycle their pokemon? Pretty sure you would arrested for that in the pokemon universe.
  10. While I've only recieved one warning (no points), I support this. Other than that, they have said they will remove the warning points when they think the time is right.
  11. Ah, you meant in game. Like Munya stated, we have already have officers. But I guess one more rank couldn't hurt.
  12. Ahhh I wouldn't be so sure of that. My guess is that the game will be updated after a week or two, but it would mainly contain bug fixes. After that, then I don't know. But considering breeding is a big thing, they can start focus on something easier as I would like to call it.
  13. Can't you just give Amnesia braces to your pokemon to prevent it from gaining EXP? Or does it even work when breeding? Other than that, I like the idea.
  14. Is it really that big of a deal? I mean, I am aware it's an advantage for those who has Amnesia braces, but is the difference really that big?
  15. One paralyze and it will ruin the entire sweep. Or maybe toxic if you want to stall it to death somehow. Besides, some pokemon are bound to know quick attack, so it shouldn't be any major problems.
  16. Why would anyone only have a dislike button, but no like button? That is just silly. If people dosen't care, they simply don't care. If they do have a problem with it, they will most likely post a comment about it. And if the majority agrees, they can like that instead.
  17. Where is the fun in that? Besides, if we removed the like button, it would be harder for us and devs to tell how big part of the community supports a certain suggestion and such.
  18. Oh woops. Could have sworn I saw it in the general discussion. Must have been imagination.
  19. This belongs to the suggestion section. But still, having to add a timer for each NPC seems unneccesary. Usually my routine (or was) is defeat every NPC trainer, other stuff... go to bed, wake up and repeat.
  20. I rather wait till Hoenn gets released. Milotic is one of the most wanted pokemon at the moment, but adding it will kill a part of the excitement once Hoenn is released.
  21. I would still farm chanseys for one due to laziness to be honest. I don't know about the rest though.
  22. -1 Same reasons as above. How are you supposed to beat Misty and Brock with 6 pokemon anyways? It will be complete suicide for those who picks Charmander. Besides, seeing how people fail Elite four and some other gyms, there is no reason to make it more difficult. You could do that in BW2?
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