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  1. If anyone is looking for castform you can found it in Zone 1 of hoenn safari zone (at the moment of this post this information is not reflexed on the guide).
  2. Hi, I dont know if peopel use parasect but I had made some research and i founded this: 252+ Atk Silk Scarf Parasect False Swipe vs. 0 HP / 0+ Def Metal Powder Ditto: 80-95 (71.4 - 84.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO <-- This is vs a Impish Ditto full 31IV's + metal powder and level 45, parasect would be attak+ nature too. 252+ Atk Silk Scarf Smeargle False Swipe vs. 0 HP / 0+ Def Metal Powder Ditto: 58-70 (51.7 - 62.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO <-- Same Godly Ditto (smeargle level 100 attak nature) ¿Do u think that is worth enough to breed parasect? I mean, he can learn a pretty useful movepool, he have spore, false swipe, sweet scent, aromatherapy, Giga Drain/Absorb (to regenerate life without returning pokecenter). In addition he have damp as hidden ability (when they implement it) useful to catch explosive pokes.
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