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  1. comeback for when boy?

  2. Except I don't have a chomp already top kek. This game is more like a battle simulator than it is an mmo, the mmo features are few and far between and literally based around wasting time. I emplore you to read my entire post bro .. I want it to actually be a mmo not just a lame ass grind with no reward than hurr Durr more battle simulator lol. Don't tell me to quit because I don't agree like everyone else, it's not cool bro, and it's very toxic. I'm literally offering tons of advice as a game dev myself, I'm not just complaining, I'm offering options and solutions. S
  3. Ooo boy can't wait for my drip feed of fake content! Seriously guys, what the fuck... You claim you want to balance the game for nubs but here you go locking gameplay mechanics behind a bunch of bullshit that will likely be too hard for casuals to even consider attempting. Making HAs hard to get is toxic as fuck. You are fucking over every single long term player in this game and making it hard to even play the 5th gen battle simulator. You guys seem to fail to realize, after all the bullshit, after I rebreed everything, I'm still just gonna be playin
  4. no matter what you pay its probably gonna be more than the in game leveling feature (daycare) just lvl your mons to like lvl 75 and then place in daycare the the final 25 levels while you lvl other shit, you rly cant beat 1k a lvl lol
  5. Hey if I use Leftovers, do I counter Spikes?

  6. 4. +1, -1, yes, no, and anything similar are not acceptable posts. Shouldnt mods have to follow the rules too? No matter how memey and whack the post is, hell it could straight up call your game a [piece of shit. Discussion is discussion and this is a discussion board ffs
  7. I suggest we only give out 6x0 shitmon shinies for prizes * doesnt hurt economy cause untradeable * just as viable as current rewards
  8. Classic hivemind mentality New players ain't shit to the old players. New players almost always quit after the storyline, and will certainly quit once they manage the 100 hours it takes to make a team and that still doesn't make them good at battling. What about fucking the ditto market, the lucky egg market, already forcing us to rebreed because of new egg moves as well as refusing to ban anything, is good to you? And that's just scratching the surface Uh yeah it will, the whole point to the dungeons is to get chimps to, wait for it... play more comp
  9. Ugghh here we go again with the horrible philosophies.... Dude @Kyu bro, just i have to point out the obvious once again? @redspawn you fought the fight well bro. Hidden Abilities: Locking them behind some weird grind that's not even accessible until after a storyline is absurd. There's like a million reasons why, here's some: * Makes it 100% harder for n00bs to git gud, doesn't matter if you go hidden ability pill route or the dungeon route, it makes it just that much harder for n00bs to be able to actually play pvp when they're already competing with veteran
  10. Xatu

    We need fairies!

    Post got ripped because I called someone out for being toxic? Ok I say yes Why: Game was better when it was more original. Now it's just a fifth gen sim with HAs on the way but locked behind a pointless grind wall.. yay
  11. Quests would be better, since it's /supposed/ to be an MMO afterall
  12. it seemed like it was nowhere to be found haha
  13. Xatu

    Class System

    Im not angry or rude at all, the person i told to fuck off was intentionally trying to derail the thread. And the depth of my suggestion shouldnt decide whether or not we discuss and further develop the suggestion.
  14. o7 best of luck on your journies to other, hopefully better, games
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