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  1. Make NPC rebattle great again!

    Quests would be better, since it's /supposed/ to be an MMO afterall
  2. Can't find my chat box?

    it seemed like it was nowhere to be found haha
  3. Class System

    Im not angry or rude at all, the person i told to fuck off was intentionally trying to derail the thread. And the depth of my suggestion shouldnt decide whether or not we discuss and further develop the suggestion.
  4. Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    o7 best of luck on your journies to other, hopefully better, games
  5. Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    hes not complaining about every single ""feature"" if you can even call it that. Hes complaining about 1 thing, and many many people are getting rekt by this change. He has the right to complain as much as he wants, it just shows to the devs how much there whack decisions affect long term players.
  6. Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    Except complaining DOES do things. My state just made cannabis legal, that shit didnt just happen on its own lmao!
  7. Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    lol he clearly had a love for this game guys. He cared enough to voice his opinion on the forums because he felt wronged in some way, this is a basic human reaction and you guys like to pretend like youd act any differently if you were in his situation.
  8. Class System

    Pretty realistic. Its an MMO and nobody even considered putting in player ran gyms or classes.... levels for doing stuff over time? I even broke down each idea and explained how they worked in good enough detail. Trust me, if the game wasnt in need of grandiose suggestions i wouldnt produce them. What we have now is hardly different from a battle simulator with little to no rewarding, fun. endgame content. Its needs whacky shit like this to make it more fun, while still having PvP pokemon battles at its core.
  9. Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    Yeah but that idea doesnt take a VANILLA MECHANIC and replace it with a NON-VANILLA MECHANIC. Its ok to add new shit and the lack of new shit is what makes this game dull and NOT FUN.
  10. Class System

    No, its not. I changed it completely. You have not added anything to the suggestion or even commented on the content mentioned in the OP so please just stop.
  11. Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    Heres why the update is bad: * it removes 2 extremely solid money making methods * it moves away from vanilla mechanics Breeding a hidden power poke can be considered the peak of breeding in a skill based way. Luckily the breeding mechanics here make it much easier to breed the mon and hardly relies on luck unless the player decides so. Even so, only a few pokemon even utilize hidden power effectively and also have the proper basestats/typing to support it. This makes the move a niche. Only top level players will want to or be able to use hp properly. These players are already willing to drop the bills necessary to get a good mon. And this also counts as an investment, so if they grow tired of said dank comp, they can just flip it for a similar possibly even higher value. Now for the other money making method. Ditto farming. If there was a backbone to the GTL i would say its dittos. They were needed by genderless and non genderless alike. Because of the nature of breeding genderless mons players were greatly incentivized to hunt them. But hunting them wasnt even necessarily cheap, each ditto requiring an ultra ball. This led to a missive flood of dittos on the GTL, benefiting everyone. For new players they could easily make a genderless comp, natured, only a few stats from perfect in everystat and perfect in 2. For rich players they could buy and trade rare dittos and genderless breeds as the highest form of an investment in this game. By taking away these money making methods it takes away from the market aspect greatly while offering much less rewarding things in its place. With the Hidden Abilities fiasco on the horizon, old members are only going to take so much of this abuse, seeing as many comp mons will be rendered maybe half of its value from that.
  12. Can't find my chat box?

    Easiest/fastest soultion is gonnna be to reinstall the client
  13. Class System

    im not going to necro a 2 year old thread and edit it so that all of the comments no longer apply. You arent adding anything to the thread or its subject other than nitpicking because i expanded on a previous suggestion... which is completely allowed. So fuck off. nah cause they get released via npc and you have cops trying to catch you doing this. i dont have an alt. and of course it would be a pain to code, its a game ffs. you gotta put in work to get results and nobody assumed otherwise. i fail to see why that is relevant, youre on a fucking suggestion board m8. if you really feel this way you should go into every single thread and be like "coding is hard lololol". Balanced you say? Offers no examples...
  14. Class System

    i completely revamped my suggestion, so yeah its a new suggestion.
  15. Class System

    Youre totally right but i truly did see value in my vision of the suggestion in you pointing out a key flaw, in turn benefiting the suggestion in my eyes. I understand not wanting to have to change classes to grind a different skill-tree type thing but this is commonplace in other mmos. Pretty much the switching of the classes is what allows you to immerse yourself in whats that class is all about. For a comp player like you youd likely stay in the Trainer class 100% of the time and other would live the Team Rocket thug lyfe. It's all perspective i guess but you lose that if you can be all at once... I'd love to think of more classes as well that fit into the pokemon canon, just give me more time lul.

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