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  1. Amazing work! I'm a Linux user as well and the game woks great on my potato. This will bring the game much needed exposure :)
  2. Server space ain't free yo, if we can figure out ways to get ppl to don8 more that's means more time Devs can have to work on game, more updateswhich means better game
  3. Icon enlargement

    Quick fix, play on a lower full screen resolution or use the windows magnifier or somthng similar
  4. character name limits

    That's good. I mean some aren't bad.. Open world, PvP staking, open wilderness, player classes, donation tree... I put tons of thought into my suggestions to benefit the game, as an mmo. And they are all mostly original. Honestly the huge levels of hatred and blatantly being ignored by the Devs, really doesn't make me feel appreciated for my work.
  5. It affects the whole account, Chars, plural.
  6. character name limits

    Haha thank you, however let's just say my name carries some infamy as well... (Every1 h8s me)
  7. character name limits

    I put Xatu in and it worked so I just went with that.
  8. PokeMMO Linux Client won't start with java 9

    I run this on a 2008 potato running Xubuntu, idk much about Linux yet but can at least verify xubuntu as having the proper java to play. Distro 17.10 And on my other newer system I run xubuntu off of a live USB to play (Lol)
  9. $_$ ,Quality of life upgrade, Server space ain't free yo!
  10. Title suggestion: 1500 RP With mail
  11. Dont Change Breeding

    Kyu says he wants to buf breeding. I guess this means the Shiny breeding mechanics but on all mons? Please dont do this. This will devalue literally every mon, just like b4 (HAgate). #SatisfyTheCustomer
  12. Christmas Hat

    Which one? the Elf ones?
  13. Trick/covet/theif have they changed?

    Its not a spread move tho

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