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  1. I left. I don't remember why I left. New game on my PC? School? Work? Schoolwork? We may never know. And now I'm back. I don't remember why I'm back Oh wait, yes I do. I was cleaning up my desktop and found PokeMMO. Such joyousness beyond human comprehension. Anyway hai.
  2. Pokemon: 3 larvitars, in different poses - Battle pose(mouth open, eyes closed, pointed hand), scared pose, and standing pose. Text: oOPieOo [ACDT] Colours: Green and Brown
  3. Hi guys! I recently discovered PokeMMO via a friend of mine. I have already made some friends, and no enemies (yet). My IGN (In-Game Name) is oOPieOo. I am online fairly often, sometimes not due to extremely slow net (64kb p/s :mellow: ) So anyway, hi, and happy battling! If you want to trade with me, email me at [email protected] (I made it small!!!)
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