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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you already see where you can catch a pokemon if you have seen but not caught it?
  2. You already have an advantage over people who don't donate in that you can sell RP stuff for ingame money. The only thing this might change is the price of donator status.
  3. Nobody is coding in numbers for decades now. Also you're completely missing the point. There is a huge difference between changing the payout of an npc from 2000 to 4000 and adding a whole new part to a program.
  4. What are you talking about? Not everything can be fixed with a change of numbers. To give you a few examples: If 1/3 of the moves didn't work what would changing numbers do? If you couldn't leave the starting town what would changing numbers do? If the game would wipe your save games every two weeks, what would changing numbers do? Nothing They added a whole lot of content that goes way past "a change of numbers". If you think it's as easy as just loading the rom into the game and if you don't think there is any advantage of playing the game as an mmo instead of alone on an emu the
  5. Actually it's required to not have much education to think this update has more cons than pros. Even if the worst predictions about the lack of money from NPCs collapsing the economy were true (which they probably aren't - read my last post), this could be fixed by a simple change of numbers meaning the cons of this update are at worst temporary. At the same time we got a whole new region which is here to stay for years after that.
  6. AMEN BROTHER! How is that even an issue? Before people had to grind to no end to get one good to near perfect Ditto and then pretty much never had to catch a breeder (except for eggmoves) again. Then they could just pump out comps for close to 0 cost. This leads to a small minority with the best Dittos making huge profits for free while everyone else can't make any money with comps. This might be fun for the few veterans who could afford godly dittos, but for everyone else it's just unfair. On the issue of making money + experience from npcs: As I read it e
  7. Joined VCO and did 5 encounters on Route 114. This is the result:
  8. What about you being named after some Roman from the Bible makes people shut up?
  9. I'm not sure why you made "10 players" and "recently" bold in my post. I'm pretty sure there are more than 10 players that find a shiny every week. Just because you heard of 10 players within a month there doesn't have to be a change in rate. Imagine throwing a coin. Just because within 50 throws you have a couple rows of 5+ heads doesn't mean the coin was rigged, especially if you only pay attention after you already got 4 times heads in a row.
  10. 10 players isn't that big of a sample size, especially since you didn't randomly choose them and followed their encounter numbers or something, but just picked some that found a shiny recently.
  11. That awkward moment when you write "grats" too early  :wacko:
  12. If you really want to evolve a Pokemon one more click or button press doesn't hurt and I'd gladly click once more for every other evo to make sure I get the right eeveelution and don't evolve my 500k+ Meowth/Chansey rendering them useless.
  13. If anything the current system encourages making completely new accounts instead of new characters, doesn't it?
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