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  1. Life is Hard

    1. Zain


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  2. can you give an example of a pokemon with ivs and then doing the math and calculating the Hidden Power?
  3. Your requested signature is ready waiting at my shop bro :P

  4. Anyone rate my current signature V ?
  5. To achieve my goal...

  6. Sakura and Malorne thanks to both of you and Haha thanks Malorne    Ill open my shop with many displays of my mind blowing artwork and make sigs for people soon 
  7. Haha I get you , however its just for entertainment and where I live, theres nothing to do but stay at home and watch TV after you done all your assignments and got nothing to do then -_-
  8. Haha Thanks and Yeah when I get time I will make a shop and a banner for my shop too ^^
  9. Hi guys , I have played many games in my life and when I saw the trailer man it was mind blowing and so far the best Pokemon MMO game out there and I can't wait to start up , Im writing this before playing the game just to adjust myself around the forums and get to know much about the community, I will be happy to help anyone I can of course and heres something about myself   About me: My favourite Pokemon/Starter : Lucario I have PS3 Love Pokemon I also make signatures in Photoshop and I will update my signature on my profile after writing this   Hope to get to know more people , Hi to everyone for now :D
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