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  1. Sorry for the double post but this is such a BS response. Just make the old man give 2 eggs lol. If your party is full, make him tell you that you need to free up space... I don't understand why free RNG stuff is bad? It's a normal flow of economy. You know some people find stuff randomly in real life that is valuable...
  2. First of all, this is garbage math. Next, it would not kill the economy if the rate was super low, it would just be so random and make things interesting. If you're concerned about it ruining the breeding market, then the devs can implement something with the everstone so that whenever one of the parents holds an everstone, the chance of twins being produced decreases. I think this would be a neat feature of the game, and tbh there is so much RNG in the game that you can't say "oh its RNG; its unfair" because when people complain about other things RNG based we get the classic "deal with it, its part of the game" answer.
  3. yea but you have to factor in that time is money and all that time spent when you don't find anything, you're losing money.
  4. Farming for amulet coins might be the dumbest thing to do in this game. you found 2 amulet coins in about 1 hour. If you do that for 5 hours, you'd get like 10-12, and if you sell that on the gtl you're making like ~200k-220k. You could literally buy 2 amulet coins for less than 50k and do a gym run and make 300k (300k -50k =250k though). Amulet coin farming is incredibly inefficient and it needs to be looked at "bUt iTs BaLaNcEd"...
  5. i demand devs give him shiny Taurus or give us xmas
  6. Why does it matter that I'm a no name? I've been a member since 2013 (off and on I'll admit) and I've been playing competitive video games for 10 years now. I've literally watched the team fortress 2 community die the slowest death ever because Valve values unusual hats over the competitive scene, thus showing no support for almost the entirety of the game's life. You don't need to be the best player to notice something that is wrong with a meta. I refuse to reply to any point you make unless you change your mindset. Even kyu was somewhat open-minded to this.
  7. Why does it need to be capped at 15 pokemon possible to use... why can't you have access to your whole PC (obviously you can't use OU in UU, UU in NU, and etc)? I don't think you necessarily lose in the draft, because your opponent wouldn't be banning based off your team, they would be banning pokemon they simply prefer not to play against. I have no problem with grinding in games, it's just that everything is a grind and its extremely one dimensional. In my eyes there is little variety in this game, and when you're grinding the same thing over and over again it gets stale and the game becomes unplayable, I don't know how hard that is to understand. I think this should definitely be considered somehow. I understand that it would take an update and people to get together to come up with something that is fair and balanced, but how will we ever know the results if we don't try it. Clearly the current system right now is not the most popular among the players. I think if @ProfesorEinsteinnn hosted unofficial tournaments, trying a rule set of Pick/Ban (or some form of it) created by the TC, and to test it out, we would get a much clearer picture of how it could work/how it could not work in the game.
  8. I understand where you're coming from but there's a simple fix to this and it is to get rid of GrindMMO. I understand this is an MMO and grinding should be part of the game in some form, but the fact that LITERALLY EVERYTHING is a grind is ridiculous. It is so unappealing, and it has driven hundreds away from this game. If the grind is an easier process then more pokemon can be bred to help newer players learn. the sand/sun/rain teams are not the only teams that can be run in this game, and I've been stomped by teams that counter my rain teams, sand teams etc. I think the pros outweigh the cons with this system, and it is definitely something that should be given a shot. Even an unofficial tournament or something of that sort should try it, but I still feel like Devs/TC won't even give this a shot due to past stubbornness I've witnessed.
  9. In my opinion, the competitive scene is stale. I know we are adding a new region soon and that should make some things interesting temporarily, but every time we've added a new region the new Pokemon don't keep people's interest for a long time (I've been here for every region that has been added). I think PokeMMO should adopt a Pick/Ban system similar to League of Legends, where players can ban Pokemon from being used for both parties (obviously at a capped limit). Whenever I enter a tournament, I feel like whatever team I put together can still be countered randomly. We all know in any video game we have played, whenever something random happens against us, we hate it. Yes, I know some randomness to a degree is in every game, but in my opinion it is the Dev's duty to limit the amount of randomness to the lowest amount possible. This would certainly decrease the randomness in the game. Secondly, I think this would introduce endless amounts of strategies that a player can come up with. I don't think I really need to explain this point, it's a fact. Lastly, this would help the TC with balancing. There will be ban rates and pick rates, which can lead to tier shifts, and balancing by the devs if a pokemon is too OP. Right now we have usage rates, which is nice but the same pokemon are being used over and over and over again, and it becomes quite repetitive. People are going to get burnt out if they have to do the same thing again and again. I think if the right people planned something out, and tested this in matchmaking, it could easily be implemented in official tournaments in the near future, but if the Devs just sit around and ignore this, then we're going to be at the same point we are right now, just a stale competitive game.
  10. We must revolt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. shut up dont give them any fucking ideas
  12. this is absoloutely pathetic this game is dying and the devs just continue to watch. your move @Squirtle
  13. Why are you so content with mediocrity? It blows my mind how you can put effort into something and it comes out alright and then you just leave it there. None of this makes sense. Just give us what we want. Make the customer satisfied. It's not even just the top players it's almost everyone.
  14. I don't understand why it's so hard to just give the people what they want?? It's hard enough to win a tournament make the reward worth it. Maybe people will actually show up to play the tournament. It's like you just completely ignore everything we say sometimes I don't understand the logic please become more open minded.
  15. every time there is a tournament someone complains about the prize. i think its quite evident that it needs to be buffed. big buff.
  16. The ferrothorn sprite in the summary page is so high up it covers ferrothorn's gender so it is really annoying when you are trying to buy one.
  17. Oh god, I've been waiting for a moment to use this for so long.
  18. i love the idea that you're trying to make i dont think you realize how poor people are. why would i spend 150k on a secret base when i could use it for something productive like making a comp. also why would i spend 150k when i can fly to a pc for free. and i dont understand the problem with a pc being op because it heals. i wouldn't buy repels to avoid annoying pokemon anyways thats why there is a "run" action for a reason lmao.
  19. https://dviw3bl0enbyw.cloudfront.net/uploads/forum_attachment/file/201483/twitch_failfish_emote.png
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