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  1. must be update hype

  2. Twas the Night Before Unova

    Oh god, I've been waiting for a moment to use this for so long.
  3. Electrical Base!

    i love the idea that you're trying to make i dont think you realize how poor people are. why would i spend 150k on a secret base when i could use it for something productive like making a comp. also why would i spend 150k when i can fly to a pc for free. and i dont understand the problem with a pc being op because it heals. i wouldn't buy repels to avoid annoying pokemon anyways thats why there is a "run" action for a reason lmao.
  4. Ability to Retrieve Parents Before Egg

    i dont like the idea of a fee but then again that may be the only way devs will put it in.
  5. Ability to Retrieve Parents Before Egg

      way to take my idea. but anyways yes this should be needed and ur throwing away more money. devs cmon how can u not like this??
  6. atleast daylight savings time didnt disqualify you ;-;
  7. 100% Escape Rate Against Sleeping/Frozen/Paralyzed Pokemon

    why does this even matter

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