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    Very dramatic

    I have never been a spammer or someone who creates troubles, but I need to explain what happened to me today because it is really annoying in my point of vew. I was just farming Xmas for sale and before start to selling them I missed fail the message that I supposed to send to "Trade" chat and sent it to "Global" or "Channel" chat, to be honest I don't remember even the moment I did. It took less than 20 sec when a message appeared saying that I was muted for 10k seconds, lol. I mean, I do not know who is in charge of doing this, but or someone was mad today or this is getting very dramatic. I dont think I had deserved it, but its ok, just needed to express it out. Thx for your attention. Phobos
  2. ya pude poner pic n.n

  3. los amo a todos ;D


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