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  1. Phobos123

    Selling Shiny Gliscor

    As the topic says.. I'm tired of being poor, so I decide that shinies are not that important than money as farm is hard. So I finally going to take the easy way to earn fast money and can come back to full competitive. Here are the stats for this shiny: Nature: Impish Ivs: 28/29/26/x/29/31 Already has roost as move and trained and lvl 50. So I'm open to offers. Also wts shiny stunfisk, spinarak and spearow too, post or msg me for more info. Sorry for my english. Your's Phobosz.
  2. Phobos123

    Mayu's Shop // Selling+Buying Shinies

    may i know ivs, nature and gender of: rattata, raticate and dusclops
  3. Phobos123

    Very dramatic

    I have never been a spammer or someone who creates troubles, but I need to explain what happened to me today because it is really annoying in my point of vew. I was just farming Xmas for sale and before start to selling them I missed fail the message that I supposed to send to "Trade" chat and sent it to "Global" or "Channel" chat, to be honest I don't remember even the moment I did. It took less than 20 sec when a message appeared saying that I was muted for 10k seconds, lol. I mean, I do not know who is in charge of doing this, but or someone was mad today or this is getting very dramatic. I dont think I had deserved it, but its ok, just needed to express it out. Thx for your attention. Phobos
  4. ya pude poner pic n.n

  5. los amo a todos ;D


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