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  1. and there is another problem besides that xD you can submit multiple votes and therefore change the whole thing to your "favor"
  2. hi to you too PokeFer988 and welcome to pokemmo^^
  3. why not take it a step further and let us open the whole box wherever we are? X'D but for real now... ever since i joined pokemmo in early 2013 i never felt the need to have more than 6 pokemon in my party. you either breed or you battle. pokemon is a game where you need time, especially on pokemmo since its a mmo afterall . the only thing i agree with is the boring waiting time for the eggs (both beeing laid and hatched) but you can still hold eggs and go paydaying or farming items where you don't need 6 comps.
  4. true but farming items gets me frustrated very quickly. and berry farming is just not my thing... i still prefer the old payday farming method.. sure it gets boring after a while and your money income per hour isn't as high as it would be with farming items but it is somewhat consistent (not influenced by the Market) and as long as i don't get frustraded after an hour of farming and getting no item (yes it took me 4h to get 2 electirizer for example) its okish. (and you don't have to wait for your money and spend it right away) also rebattling gym leaders and trainers is a welcome boost eve
  5. add an npc that sells berry seeds shorten the time the plants need to fully grow by alot  (also cut down the amount of berries you'll get from a plant so the market doesn't get flooded with berries even tho they are a onetime-use item which shouldn't be rare in any case to begin with...)   or just scrap the whole idea sit back and think about your game for a while....
  6.   why stop at medicine? Do we even eat regularly? Sounds kinda strange that plants need water but other living things don't "eat", should have a starving/hunger meter that empties over time and if you don't eat or feed your pokemon (yes even those in the box) you should be unable to do anything ingame and your pokemon should die off.
  7. an era without me. gonna skip that one xP
  8. just give us back the NPC. it was a good "money sink" as well. i refuse to play FarmVille: Pokemon Edition.
  9.   doesn't look too bad but i still miss my angry eyebrows tho.     and reverse scene should go in the same direction as the old one did. kinda looked better that way now it looks like any ordinary hairstyle you get for free.   all in all 9/10 well done
  10. New Old   Hair: Scene (Reverse Scene) Head: Reflective Goggles (Headglasses) Wings: Devil Wings Body: Overcoat       i like the new look but i'll miss my angry eyebrows... i kinda look way to friendly xP i prefer the more serious look on my face.
  11. I was going to suggest it but good thing this already exists.   adding more ppl do your Whisper Window would be nice especially when you have friends in  different teams and you are talking to them at the same time.   [spoiler] err kinda old but whatevs would be nice tho [/spoiler]
  12. xD well you are still a bulbasaur tho x'D  and nope you will still farm good breeding material that takes some time and you still need money and you have to farm everstones which takes also a hell lot of time. reducing prices / making more money effect the game in 2 different ways... making more money = prices for pokemon  will go high ... reducing prices for braces = stuff will be cheaper so you have to consider those 2 outcomes as well....
  13. well my son... we need to catch pokemon confirm pokemon farm everstones and money ... those things take a huge amount of time and stuff like reduced prises and confirmed ivs are more then welcome because not everyone has time to farm  24/7 etc... and farming/catching gets frustrating really fast tho....
  14. RyoOhsora

    Poke Memo

    or just confirmed ivs with no range xP [spoiler] heard somewhere that this will be implemented but idk how and when but hope dies last ;) [/spoiler]
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