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  1.   I named my Bulbasaur this :U
  2. [spoiler] My Pidgeotto, Lofty, can surf on land.[/spoiler]   [spoiler] Me and Lofty are Jesus. Wait, no. Lofty isn't Jesus because he's just flying above the water. [/spoiler]    
  3. Go, my underleveled Pokémon!

  4. My Caterpie, Wormy, will evolve very soon.

  5. SilverwingDB


    I am SilverwingDB, and I am a noob. I can't wait to play this MMO, but I'm worried that if I download the game, my computer will lag like crazy, or get a virus. I know many people have downloaded this and play it regularly, but I just want to be on the safe side. So, I am waiting to download it to download a virus protection program, since I do not have on the computer at the moment. In the meantime, I will be going on the forum. Question: Is there a way to change one's profile picture without having a Gravitar account? At least the default profile picture is a Magikarp. I love Magikarp. In conclusion, I hope I can get to know some people in this community, and I wish you all have a great day. Cya, bros. ☼
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